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The brief

VINCI Construction required ClaimControl to replace their existing manual processes for insurance claims management, including a need to migrate existing claim records from multiple sources with varying data elements into a consolidated, centralised and consistent format.



About the client

VINCI Construction UK is a multi-faceted company, offering services both to the core construction sector plus civil engineering, facilities and structural testing, to name but a few.

The solution

As a SaaS (Software as a Solution) product, ClaimControl already offered the ideal platform; a centralised datasource, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and with data held in a consistent and structured format.

Alphatec supported VINCI in understanding their multiple input sources and provided calm and cohesive advice to enable the various disparate datasets to be deciphered, consolidated and rationalised before uploading as a bulk into ClaimControl—a real ’woods for the trees’ exercise!

The simplicity of the product, together with the flexible nature of the available configuration, enabled claims to be recorded, managed and reported easily, by such crucial elements as department, client, contract, plus supporting custom fields to manage numerous attributes about the records, all searchable and reportable with a minimum of clicks.

Close collaboration between Alphatec and VINCI Construction provided the value added ’tweaks’ to the set-up and configuration to achieve the best possible outcome for the account.

The results

VINCI’s account continues to evolve, with the addition of the free of charge and frequent upgrades, introducing new features such as master/sub claim relationships and the recent addition of the Motor Module.

The implementation of the Motor Module was another example of close collaboration between the companies, to successfully configure the product and fully analyse and align the vehicle and driver data.

As one of our extensive users of the Motor Module, Vinci have provided key feedback, with respect to usability and functionality, which will result in further improvements and enhance the product for all users.

The future

Immediate help is available on any questions regarding the system, either through the Alphatec Support function or direct to the customer Account Manager.  The Account Manager also undertakes regular customer courtesy checks, regarding system use and ideas for improvement.

ClaimControl enhancements are implemented through new software releases on a regular basis, at no additional cost to the customer.  In addition, free webinars are held periodically, to introduce and demonstrate new functionality and/or additional sales modules.

Customer Feedback

“I have nothing but good things to say about Alphatec. 

The ClaimControl product was a real game changer for our company, making claims data easy to collate and then turn into quality management information.  They’re always working on improving the product and are ready to listen to ideas from a user perspective. 

To have an internet based system has been invaluable during the current climate, making the transition from office to home working so effortless and enabled us to continue providing a quality service to the company.”

Sandra Hornby, Insurance Officer

Software Solutions