Alphatec: standardised business processes

What is a standardised business process?

In this blog we define a standardised business process as a process to be performed in the same way every time.

What are the benefits to standardised business processes?

  • Improves clarity and makes the onboarding and training of new staff easier
  • Simplifies workflows, which can improve the employee experience and boost morale
  • Can improve teamwork as departments can better understand how they need to work with each other
  • As everything is more repeatable certain routine tasks can be automated resulting in faster, more efficient processes which improves productivity and saves time and money
  • Enhances customer service because processes are simpler, quicker and staff are happier
  • Processes can be easily expanded out into a new country or industry (if & when the organisation decides to grow or diversify as so many are nowadays).
  • Insight and reporting are simpler as everyone should be treating the same thing in the same way, and results can be compared like for like.  This can make identifying fraud patterns easier too.

Why might standardising processes be difficult?

It’s surely the goal of most business leaders to standardise business processes, and on paper getting everyone to do the same thing in the same way is simple – right? But in the case of insurance and claims management there are many variances and nuances, and it can be very difficult to achieve standardisation.  For example, you may be:

  • a one country business that’s diversified into multiple industries like construction, retail, and property
  • a multi-country organisation but all in the same core industry
  • a simpler seeming single country single industry business
  • or some other complicated combination

There are obvious challenges that can impact standardisation like language or local legal requirements, or even cultural differences that dictate the way resolution is negotiated or attitude to risk is approached.

There may also be technological restrictions that hinder the process such as the use of multiple different software products across the business, self-hosted systems that are maybe old or not flexible enough to have changes done and made available on a global scale.

It could also be the view of some stakeholders that creating a standardised process may hinder some of the businesses abilities to meet customer or internal requirements in day-to-day business operations, so garnering support for any standardisation may hit roadblocks.

These barriers may lead you to believe that you’re better off leaving teams to find their own way as the benefits struggle to out-weigh the drawbacks and challenges.

How partnering with Alphatec can help

Alphatec has the experience and expertise of working with multi-country and multi-industry teams and we understand the challenges that can be faced.  Our software products ClaimControl and Avers are built to help you maximise the possibility of standardisation by allowing some flexibility in the approach, keeping everyone in one system, reporting through one database.

Let us explain, the software products are:

  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Work on any device
  • Facilitate a flexible approach to the entire claims management or insurance management process
  • Allow user access to be tailored to specific user needs
  • Integrates with any other system
  • Has built in reporting as well as the ability to pass data into any Business Intelligence system

You can learn more about our software solutions and read case studies and testimonials throughout our website.  Talk to us about how we can support your digital transformation and improve the standardisation of your business processes.

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