Alphatec takes data and security seriously

Data and security are important factors when selecting a software partner.  Part of any company’s procurement process often involves the IT team who make a thorough assessment of any potential software providers’ security, and this can often be the stage that can slow the process down, but not without good reason.

Software procurement and data and security

It is at this point where many ‘as-is’ processes & systems, should they be reviewed today, may fall.  For example, if the current, self-hosted, internally maintained system, were to go through this kind of IT review today, would it be purchased again?

Does the self-built combination of a basic database and spreadsheets meet the data and security requirements that any new vendor would need to meet?

These are all good questions to ask, whether you are actively looking for a new system or just checking that what you currently do is secure.

At Alphatec we’ve worked hard to position ourselves as the partner of choice for our customers, and we consider data and security for us and our customers, at every step.

The security benefits of SaaS Software

One of the first important decisions we took as a software vendor was to make all our systems SaaS (Software as a Service).  This means that our customers subscribe to the system, and we provide continual new releases (upgrades).  This means that should a new internet-wide threat arise from a virus, we can quickly work to ensure that there is no threat to our systems.  It also means we only have one cutting-edge version of our system in use at any time, making our security monitoring much simpler, and support to our customers easier.

The security benefits of a Fully Hosted system

Going hand-in-hand with SaaS software is making the system fully hosted.  There is no option for customers to host the system themselves on their own servers, we take away all the hassle and cost of that, and use our hosting partner, Microsoft Azure.  What this means for our customers is that they have all the benefits of a leading hosting provider with regards to system availability, maintenance, and management, without any of the headaches.

Security Functionality

We’ve developed our software to include functionality to ensure they’re secure but also to help our customers manage their data.  Our log-in process utilises complex password requirements, requires all users to have their own license and we can use MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), either via a user’s mobile device, e-mail or by using Google Authenticator.  In line with GDPR requirements, we can also offer an automated service to enable the automatic deletion of sensitive data.


Knowing that we take data and security seriously ourselves is great, but to prove this we’ve achieved external accreditation too, in the form of ISO27001 as well as Cyber Essentials.  Both these certifications give our customers and potential customers peace of mind that we manage information security to an approved standard and have achieved an appropriate level of cyber security.

Alphatec has been established for 25 years and in that time, we’ve worked with all kinds of customers, in many ways.  We started in data and processing, so we’ve always appreciated the complexity and importance of data and security.  Explore our website to read more about our software solutions, accreditations, news stories and request a demo.

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