Alphatec’s software updates

Alphatec’s software updates ensure that our customers have immediate access to cutting edge software that is keeping pace, evolving, and improving.  These updates are possible, because Alphatec systems aren’t purchased like a physical asset that needs to be maintained and eventually replaced.  They don’t become ‘out of date’, and you don’t have to buy the next version every year or so.  Instead, our software applications are supplied as Software as a Service (SaaS).  This means you essentially subscribe to them, buying the number of user licenses you need.

When you commit to buying Software as a Service (SaaS) you may have questions around security and your data, and we appreciate the importance of this.  So, we have engaged Iomart https://www.iomart.com/ a global hosting provider as our partner, and like us, they have achieved ISO 27001 Accreditation, to give you extra peace of mind.

The benefit to our customers

By supplying Software as a Service (SaaS) with regular software updates, our customers can focus on their job rather than needing to think about the next software procurement exercise.  Furthermore, they don’t have to spend time checking the market to make sure they are being provided with what they need – because we do that for them.

Additionally, we engage with peers from a range of backgrounds to understand the latest technological advances and cybersecurity needs and incorporate these within our applications.  We combine this with keeping up to date with what is happening within the relevant market sectors to make sure that we keep abreast of the latest trends and topics.

By doing all this, we can provide the best customer service and ensure our customers get the most from their Alphatec system.  We can support our systems easier too, which makes the customer experience better, and ensures that we can quickly assist with questions and get our users back to work.

Alphatec’s updates incorporate customer feedback

Some of the software updates have been implemented after receiving customer feedback.  If we can make an improvement that works for the whole system and all customers, we will do so.  The everyday user knows what works and we value our customers opinions.  As one of our customers said,

What makes it even better is that Alphatec’s software updates are based on customer feedback.  In fact Alphatec have already implemented a suggestion I made.  You’re not just a customer you’re a stakeholder!

We have further customer testimonials and case studies throughout our site www.alphatec.net please have a read and hear why they chose Alphatec.

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