Choosing the right expense claim system for your business

There are many things to consider when choosing an expense claim system, and it’s important to make sure you select the right option for your specific needs.

The benefits of a good expense claims system are many and a good system can result in,

  • Faster, simpler processes & employee reimbursement
  • Fewer delays and errors
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Expense policy enforcement
  • Improved visibility
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Simplified reporting
  • Increased compliance

What features does a good expense claim system have?

  • Approval process control
  • Easy authorisation of expenses
  • Mobile receipt upload – cross-platform application is important as it’s likely that when expenses are incurred you will be ‘on the move’
  • Reimbursement management
  • Spend control
  • Say goodbye to spreadsheets
  • Real-time visibility of spending
  • Expenditure properly attributable to specific clients
  • Error management
  • Visibility of ALL costs

Timebox software provides the answer 

The aim of all Alphatec’s software solutions is to improve, streamline, and manage work processes better.

The functionality within Timebox includes all the expense claim features as listed.

Timebox is a powerful, cloud-based, time management and time recording software where you can also record expenses, and directly attribute these costs to specific products, services, and customers. Timebox can ensure that the true value of client servicing is recorded, and streamlines the process of managers approving expenses, and assists to reconcile cumulative mileage.

Timebox is designed for any industry where time management and client services are required. It is used by Accountants, Legal Teams, Account Managers, Consultants, Wealth Managers, Risk Managers, Health and Safety Advisors and Claim Executives. There is really no limit to who can benefit from the power of Timebox.  Furthermore, all of Alphatec’s software solutions integrate with each other as well as integrate with your own software

If this is something that would enhance your own systems or an add on you could consider with one of Alphatec’s other software solutions then get in touch with us to hear about what other benefits Timebox can bring to your teams and business.


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