Incident management solutions

Alphatec provide incident management solutions to reduce the risk of the next incident becoming a major claim.  The detailed analysis and excellent reporting capability enable users to have a detailed view and thoroughly understand risks, incidents and costs.

How do you capture incident data?

Having a system where the initial reporting of the slip, trip or crash is easily done by the parties involved, and this feeding into every department impacted, is on the wish list of many organisations.  Often, there are paper forms, emailed photos, and a range of disjointed processes, as well as silos of Health & Safety, Incidents and Insurance depending on the status or category given to what has happened so far, or even a number of different systems meaning information cannot be shared.

Not only does this cause duplication in effort as an Incident becomes an Insurance claim, it also means that the data being reported at the end of the process could be inaccurate.

Is there double counting?

Does everyone use the same terminology?

Do you get to the right root cause?

Then take all these challenges and multiply them by any combination of these factors:

  • Fleet Size
  • Number of Employees
  • Interactions with the Public
  • Number of Sites, Branches, Depots, Properties
  • 3rd Parties Involved
  • Countries of Operation

Alphatec provide an incident management solution to overcome these challenges:

By utilising ClaimControl our customers can combine their incident & claim data to conduct thorough root cause analysis, provide evidence from initial report to closure and reduce their companies risk, be that financial or to their employees.

Take a look around our website, request a brochure or demo or contact us to find out how we can work together.

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