Avers – Complete Insurance Management Software Solution

Who is Avers Insurance Management Software for?

Alphatec’s Avers is a complete Insurance Management Software Solution developed to meet the specific needs of the insurance sector, whether a start-up insurance as a service (IaaS), established broker, large organisation or agent, MGA, or insurance company.

How was Avers developed?

Alphatec has been providing its industry leading claims management software going back to 2004 so you could say that we’re well versed in the needs of the insurance market.  Our continually enhanced, purely web-based systems have developed so many new features over the years to keep up with the demands of the market and our customers, and we have customers who have been with us from the very beginning.

Analysing the market and listening to our customers, has meant that we’ve sometimes heard great ideas that haven’t quite fitted with our ClaimControl system, but we’ve not dismissed them.  We’ve taken them onboard and, in some cases, they’re now part of what are entirely new systems, such as Timebox, WASP and now Avers.

Avers was built from the ground up and delivers a complete Insurance Management Software Solution.

What does Avers insurance management system cover?

  • Underwriting – streamlining the acquisition and on-boarding process with automation rules to promote consistency and compliance making teams more productive
  • Settlement – Avers provides settlements rooms for the secure agreement, communication, and settlement of multi-party insurance
  • Bordereaux & binders – manage your profitability of placement with inbuilt cost to premium analysis, including automatic threshold management regarding capacity so you can extend or provision quickly
  • Communication – key to Avers is the ability to share information with customers / clients / brokers / clubs and receive updates from them. Avers offers this through the utilisation of portals, online forms, document and image management, integration with email, and even limited system access.
  • Time recording / billing – utilising our integration with Alphatec Timebox, record the time spent dealing with clients, internal divisions, projects, and activities giving you the data needed for invoicing both internally and externally.

Alphatec never stops innovating.  We are always developing and enhancing our systems and creating new software solutions to help our customers work smarter, serve their customers better, and achieve success.

Explore our website www.alphatec.net to read more about our software, history, and customers case studies and testimonials.  We look forward to working with you in the future.

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