Software integration with Alphatec

We all know the benefits of implementing software solutions into our businesses, but what about software integration? When done skilfully, software integration can drive efficiency and provide enormous benefit to an organisation.

What is software integration?

Software integration is the process of combining separate software programs or elements into one system.

How can software integration help your business?

  • Departments become more connected and can communicate and share data better and this can make workflows and employees more efficient and productive
  • It can also simplify decision making by providing one complete view of the business situation and with Business Intelligence integration this can supercharge your reporting and insight into your data
  • It can increase productivity by reducing double keying and this also reduces the likelihood of inaccurate data, ensuring that data is more reliable
  • You can improve the service to your customers, by being able to access and retrieve data quickly and easily
  • By having one unified system you can manage and improve your data security
  • Data is more meaningful when it is pulled together in one application and root cause and trend analysis can be undertaken and conclusions drawn much quicker

The integration of Alphatec’s ClaimControl & Timebox

Whether you’re responsible for the management of your organisations’ claims or you offer claims management services to clients, the cost of claim management is probably never far from your mind.  Ensuring the proper management of a claim is centred around minimising cost for the party you represent, from the direct costs of fixing a vehicle or compensating for an injury, through to keeping downtime of a piece of equipment to a minimum.

But, what about the cost to serve?

Do you know: –

  • How many phone calls are linked to resolving a claim?
  • How much time is spent exchanging information with the various insurers you work with?
  • Which client or department takes up most of your time?
  • Where the pinch points are and duplication in your processes?

At Alphatec, not only do we have an award-winning claims management system in ClaimControl, but we also have an award winner with our Timebox system.  It allows any user to record the activities they’ve been working on, associating them to clients, accounts, internal work or even a claim. Timebox is so flexible in the types of tasks and roles it can work for, that at Alphatec we even use it for our teams to record what they’ve been doing, whether they are helping customers, working on sales, and software development.

By combining claims and activity recording, you can take analysis and reporting to another level as you’re able to see not only all the detailed information about the claim like where it took place, status, type etc, but overlay the claims teams efforts so you can make changes in process, resourcing and even make policy decisions as you’ll be able to see the insurers that take up more time to resolve claims than others for instance, thus making them less attractive to work with.

The same insight can work where you want to analyse the departments or clients that demand more of your time.  You can track activity at any level you want to, allowing internal recharging to be done or at the very least and highlight those areas of the business that are just more of a drain on the insurance team.   Where you are recharging for time, as a broker or claims management company for instance, utilising the integration between claims and activity means you can better understand client profitability as Timebox will allow you to provide reports showing your charges versus time spent on the clients account, instantly evidencing the value your service provides.

This is just one example of how some of our products integrate with one another, but other examples include the link to Google maps, the MOJ portal and the DVLA. What’s more, Alphatec can integrate with your existing systems too.

Our aim at Alphatec is to drive your business forward by providing you with a software solution to make you as efficient as possible and we can do that by integrating our own systems together or integrating our systems with your own in-house applications. Explore our website to learn more or give our sales team a call on +44(0)845 680 1911.

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