The importance of contractor software for an efficient construction company

Contractor software is vital for managing site workers, and maintaining an efficient construction company, not least because it can provide a ‘one-stop’ location for data.

What are the key challenges facing a construction company?

  1. Vandalism
  2. Unexpected extra costs
  3. Labour shortages & lack of skilled workforce / reliable subcontractors
  4. Document management
  5. Communication problems
  6. Health, safety & compliance
  7. Issues with cashflow
  8. Issues with overrunning work

How can contractor software solve these problems?  

Contractor software can bring all your data together improving communication, providing insight, and reducing these challenges.  For example,

  • Risk assessment method statement (RAMS) can cover site security, fencing, secure clamps, and anti-lift security to protect the area from vandalism. These documents can also ensure that a safe and compliant method of working has been identified and can be followed
  • Contractor software can integrate with other applications (insert link to blog ref. software integration) for example, your financial applications so that budgets and costs can be monitored throughout a project and invoicing can be done as soon as possible to maintain positive cash flow. Business Intelligence integration supercharges the reporting, providing management team with insight to really be one step ahead with the project management
  • Contractor software can support construction companies to check that work permits, and minimum qualifications are in place when hiring contractors
  • Documents can be stored and accessed easily by all stakeholders and this document management can aid communication. For example, works orders & instructions can be accessible to all working on the job, and those associated and managing the works.  Drawings can be stored too and if drawing revisions are made only the correct version of the drawing can be visible to minimise the risk of errors
  • In addition to RAMS health, safety & compliance can be managed with prompts to prove that site inductions and toolbox talks have been covered off, and PPE has been issued
  • Audits and inspection evidencing, for example, ongoing photographic evidence, measurements of work completed, and variation can maintain work progress and highlight in advance if works are likely to overrun. And this visibility of progress can tie in with auto-notification of critical dates so that the risk of fines is minimised
  • High level reporting can provide

The aim of all Alphatec’s software solutions is to improve, streamline, and manage work processes better, and the functionality within WASP can support any construction company to face and overcome it’s challenges.

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