What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is where the future of reporting lies, and organisations must decide to join this journey.

The evolution of reporting has been massive over a relatively short period of time.  It started as very labour-intensive reading and interpretation of paper records, to where we are now – taking data, analysing it, and using it to predict the future.  Alphatec has embraced these technological advances and encompassed these changes into our product and service offering since we began 25 years ago.

There are varying ways of adopting and using business intelligence.  Fundamentally, it’s about gaining insight from bringing what may be complex data sets together and transposing it into an easily understood format, like a dashboard for example.

At Alphatec, what we offer falls into 2 sections.  1) working with what you have, and 2) helping you start the journey.

What Business Intelligence platform do you currently use?

We can integrate our solutions with any business intelligence platform you currently use.  For example, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, or another provider.  We do this by providing access to our structured data warehouse, which allows the systems’ data to be queried in any way you want.  This results in key information from claims & incident processing, to seamlessly connect with other key business data.

Alphatec can help you choose your BI Tool

There may not be a Business Intelligence tool used in the business currently.  If this is the case, we can work with you to start using Microsoft Power BI.  As a standard with your Office subscription, you may have access to a limited version of Power BI already.  To get the most from it, we can help you build dashboards and reports that add real value to your department as well as enabling data sharing with other business areas.

The benefits of good business intelligence include:

  • Make more informed decisions
  • Provide user-specific access to give stakeholders the ability to be self-serve
  • Move quickly from a high-level overview to the specific data at the click of a button, even connecting back to the actual claim in ClaimControl to investigate further
  • Create reports and dashboards to present key data, as well as building regular reports like Management or Board reports
  • Combine siloed data sources into one place with a user-friendly interface to help you analyse them

Alphatec can help you with Business Intelligence whether you need technical assistance, training, or consultancy.  By combining this with our data-rich systems you can gain insight, spot trends, make changes, and transform your department and business.  Find out more at www.alphatec.net or get in touch [email protected]

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