Alphatec has been established for over 25 years and is now a global supplier of market leading software solutions.

Established, in 1996, we began purely as a consultancy company handling significant projects both nationally and internationally.  One of our early projects was to support The Royal Bank of Scotland deliver automated billing and the integration of multiple IT platforms.

This project highlighted that the key to driving businesses forward was IT solutions, and the project was the springboard for Alphatec to evolve into the global software supplier it is today.

Alphatec still provides change management consultancy services, but our main focus now, is to provide specialist software, bespoke application development, and Business Intelligence expertise to transform and optimise our customers businesses.


March 18

Alphatec was founded in Edinburgh

Alphatec was founded in Edinburgh

Formed as a Financial services consulting company specialising in banking services and concentrating on volume processing and cheque clearing. The company delivered this service in the UK & USA and was quickly established as a leader in this field.

March 5

RBS NatWest integration consultants

RBS NatWest integration consultants

Alphatec were recruited by EDS as lead cheque clearing consultants to deliver automated billing and the integration of multiple IT platforms. At the time, this was the largest IT project in Europe, and lasted 2 years.

February 17

Created automated cheque reconciliation and billing system

Alphatec designed and implemented a world first in cheque clearing software that gave the bank and EDS, the outsourcing processor, huge cost savings, increased productivity, and a fully auditable automated reconciliation platform.

March 19

Launched ClaimControl

The first software product for the insurance market. It initially covered claims, policies & costs. The software was well-received and immediately taken up by a construction maintenance company.

January 12

Bank of America business analysis software

Bank of America business analysis software

Alphatec built business intelligence software and delivered it into the US check (cheque) clearing market. This was revolutionary at the time and meant that 7 years’ worth of daily transactions (approx. 7 million transactions per day) were reportable in seconds.

March 5

Timebox UK Broker award, 2008

Timebox UK Broker award

Timebox was launched in 2007 and initially developed for Financial Services Sector.  It was immediately taken up by a number of Insurance Brokers, and awarded Technology Award by UK Broker Award.

March 5

ClaimControl received European risk management award in 2009

European risk management award

New features and enhancements have been constantly added to our Claims Management software and our work was rewarded when we received the European risk management award in 2009.



March 5

First European sale

First European sale

Volker Wessels purchase was driven when their UK subsidiary undertook an insurance audit, and Hans Gorree the insurance manager, elected to purchase the software for the whole group.

March 5

Management buyout

Management buyout to focus on IT software solutions for insurance, risk, health & safety and legal cases.  Software that easily integrates to any other system.  The restructuring was led by David Grier and the other Directors are Brian Boyce and Simon Davies.

March 5

Works order scheduling platform launched

WASP Provisional Logo

With end to end transparency, workflow and invoicing capability, this product was developed as a bespoke piece of work for a client who wanted to control and evidence all work done for their clients.  We delivered, and our product provided efficiency and costs savings.

June 1

First southern Hemisphere sale

first southern hemisphere sale
March 5

H&S Control launched

Another product developed in response to our customers needs, this software will support risk management and root cause analysis with regards to health and safety issues and legislative requirements.

March 5

CaseControl launched

Developed to meet the needs of legal departments within our existing client base, this software enables users to manage cases and is suitable for legal departments, Chambers and lawyers who work in the insurance sector. 

October 7

Avers Launched

Built from the ground up, this complete insurance management solution has been developed to meet the specific needs of the insurance sector, whether a start-up insurance as a service (IaaS), established broker, large organisation or agent, MGA or insurance company.

March 14

Asia added to list of global customers

Alphatec global supplier