Alphatec can provide the Automotive Sector, with software solutions to manage risk, auto insurance claims, health & safety incidents, complaints, legal matters, time recording and works scheduling.

How can Alphatec software help the Automotive Sector?

  • record in one place all damage, health & safety, auto insurance claims, near-miss or theft incidents
  • easily share incident information in ‘real-time’ e.g. accident reports, images, video, and witness details
  • pinpoint incident location utilising inbuilt mapping functionality
  • analyse and review your data to identify root cause, highlight trends, repeat offenders, hot spots and be able to take preventive action
  • track an incident that results in an insurance claim or even a legal case, understand the relationship between them and link to insurance policies
  • report and track recoveries and consequential costs in relation to claims where the true cost is greater than the actual claim itself such as lost hire income.
  • manage your property/asset portfolio, associating incidents and claims to them, apportion insurance premium and risk ratings
  • manage your vehicle asset portfolio and drivers, associating incidents and claims as well as recording vehicle inspections 
  • integrate your existing IT systems with Alphatec software to enhance your understanding of all your operations, at all locations to provide meaningful insight for all who need it
  • manage projects, subcontractor performance, works scheduling, evidence collation and invoicing
  • record, analyse and relate time spent on all tasks to specific project, customer, claim, incident etc.

Why choose Alphatec software?

Alphatec SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud software can be implemented quickly and easily with no additional demand on existing IT Services. 

  • Software is accessible from any device, anywhere with an internet connection
  • migrate existing data from your systems into Alphatec’s solutions
  • Electronic form entry
  • Document and image management allowing you to easily upload photos and evidence
  • automated diary workflow and notifications
  • email integration
  • access restriction by role
  • centralised co-ordination with operational and financial reporting
  • ad hoc reporting with mapping and clustering
  • policy and insurance reporting and management
  • integrate our software with your own systems

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