Why the Automotive Sector use our Software

The Automotive sector is a massively varied one with companies manufacturing vehicles, selling, leasing, renting / hiring as well as support services and suppliers.  With additional complexity from multiple locations, drivers and customers, the task for anyone involved from an insurance, claims, risk, H & S or legal perspective can be difficult. All have similar core requirements in common though, which are to co-ordinate the approach, promote efficiency and all the time maintain control.

Alphatec is a leading provider of software solutions including auto insurance claims software for the management of insurance claims, health & safety / risk incidents, legal cases, properties, vehicles, subcontractor performance, time, works scheduling and planning.

Our SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud software can be implemented quickly and easily with no additional demand on already stretched internal IT Services and we can migrate your existing information into our solutions as required.

Our solutions enable you to:

  • Easily share incident / claim information such as accident reports, images, video, and witness details with a variety of internal + external stakeholders including insurers, brokers, repairers, and loss adjustors.
  • Capture key information from the incident / appraisal location using our bespoke online form to record any damage, incident, claim, near-miss or theft, utilising inbuilt mapping functionality to pinpoint exact location.
  • Record the level of detail that is right for you, from every non-claim repair under the deductible to longer term hire under the COI (Customers Own Insurance) or mid-term vehicle inspection.
  • Completely analyse and review root cause analysis to highlight trends, repeat offenders and hot spots for incidents and claims to take preventive action.
  • Manage and track an incident that results in an insurance claim or even a legal case and understand the relationship between them and your related insurance policies.
  • Report and track recoveries and consequential costs in relation to claims where the true cost is greater than the actual claim itself such as lost hire income.
  • Manage and understand your property/asset portfolio, associating incidents and claims to them, apportion insurance premium and risk ratings.
  • Manage and understand your vehicle asset portfolio and drivers, associating incidents and claims as well as recording inspections. 
  • Fully understand what is going on at all of your locations; even allowing data from our solutions to be combined with your existing systems, further enhancing your insight and providing meaningful information at whatever level is required.

The following features make our software powerful yet easy to use solutions:

  • Remote access from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Electronic form entry.
  • Uploading of photos and evidence, document and image management.
  • Automated diary workflow and notifications.
  • Email integration.
  • Access restriction by role.
  • Centralised co-ordination with operational and financial reporting.
  • Powerful adhoc reporting with mapping and clustering.
  • Policy and insurance reporting and management.
  • Integration with your own systems.

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