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Why Legal uses our software

Our legal software UK including our case management software is extremely valuable in the fast paced legal sector. The Legal sector comprises multi-discipline, multi-contract environments all requiring careful central co-ordination to maintain control and maximise efficiencies.

Alphatec has a rich history in providing case management software solutions for legal case management, time recording with profitability and project, work in progress and invoicing.

Our SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud legal software UK can be implemented quickly and easily with no additional demand on already stretched internal IT Services and we can migrate your existing information into our solutions as required.

Our legal software UK solutions enable you to:

  • Record and manage cases, quickly, easily and consistently, from any location with our case management software.
  • Store documents with the respective case, with the capability for grouping, downloading and bundling.
  • Record your case time seamlessly and accurately for charging purposes, including expenses.
  • Manage fixed term and/or fixed costs project and assignments, with allocated resources, personal or role rates, margins and automated notifications.
  • Manage work in progress, resource management, invoicing and profitability by client, discipline, project or individual.
  • Fully understand your business; bring together data from our software and even integrate with information from your other systems, providing meaningful information at whatever level is required.

The following features make our software powerful yet easy to use solutions:

  • Remote access from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Electronic form entry.
  • Uploading of photos and evidence, document and image management.
  • Download documents with grouping and bundling.
  • Automated diary workflow and notifications.
  • Email integration.
  • Redaction.
  • Access restriction by role or discipline.
  • Centralised coordination with operational and financial reporting.
  • Time recording at unit or time level.
  • Customisable static reference data to support varying roles, disciplines etc.
  • Powerful ad-hoc reporting and dashboards.
  • Integration with your own systems.

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