Why use our software?

Whatever sector you are in, the challenges you face will be familiar to us and our range of solutions will help you overcome them:

Cost Control

Cost control is a key process to ensure your business is running at peak performance. Our software, regardless of sector, can help record everything from a near miss or incident to a full insurance claim. This includes time spent on tasks, financial recordings, invoicing, and internal recharges.

Our software solutions help you turn information into relatable business intelligence that you can use to monitor and control your business. The creation of actionable dashboards and reports empowers your workforce to help drive improvements in efficiency, cost reduction, customer satisfaction and growth.


Data is another important aspect of built-in reporting. Without the correct interface or understanding, data is useless. We turn data into business intelligence, from fully auditable systems to user activity, system changes, and hosting needs. Alphatec can integrate with existing systems to remove duplication of effort and provide a single source of truth.


Cost control and data management all mean you have increased control over your efficiency. User access control keeps your systems secure while allowing management of accountability. Our systems offer fully-hosted solutions and support remote working on any device with an internet connection. This agile support means your business is kept up to date with the latest information about the incident, claim or case.

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