Utility Claims Management Software

Our Different Types of Utility Software

We provide different types of utility software solutions this includes oil & gas software solutions, telecoms claims management software solutions and softwares to optimise power and water companies’ processes. We work with companies of varying size and complexity to manage works order and scheduling for all mobile, multi-contract and multi-site autonomous settings. 

We also understand that time is precious, especially when it comes to addressing public concerns. Our oil & gas software solutions allow you to respond to the public quickly and efficiently to solve any issues before they become problems. This turnaround time is all down to our systems’ end to end transparency. Coupled with speed, agility and accessibility, Alphatec’s solutions allow integral utility providers to maintain control and maximise efficiencies.

As a leading provider of software solutions for incident management, insurance claim, legal case management, plus property and vehicle management, Alphatec provides Software as a Service (SaaS) which can be implemented quickly and easily. There is no need for additional IT services as we integrate with a litany of existing systems and migrate your existing info into our solutions as required.

Our utility claims management software solutions enable you to:

  • Record and manage incidents, quickly, easily and consistently, from any location.
  • Manage and track an incident or defect that results in an insurance claim or even a legal case and understand the relationship between them and your related insurance policies.
  • Manage and understand your property/asset portfolio, associate incidents and defects.
  • Manage and understand your vehicle asset portfolio and drivers, associate incidents, undertake inspections.
  • Fully understand your business; bring together data from our software and even integrate with information from your other systems, providing meaningful information at whatever level is required.

Our powerful yet easy to use solution allows for agile use from any device with an internet connection. This enables your teams to upload photos, evidence, and documents from anywhere, and means you can integrate emails, restrict access, and centralise the control of operational and financial reporting.

Alphatec’s systems integrate with your own systems for a seamless migration of information making this process even more quick and easy.

If you’re interested in finding out more our water, telecom, power oil & gas software solutions or want to see a demonstration then contact us today. We’ll streamline your processes and take the strain off your team.

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Our different types of utilities software solutions

Why Alphatec for your utilities, oil & gas software solutions

Experience & Expertise

Our team have extensive knowledge of implementing our products across many sectors and how they can best service your business; over 20 years' experience of product analysis and design, migration and implementation, development and support mean that Alphatec are the ideal partner to help you leverage all of the advantages our products can bring to your business or organisation.


All our products are modular and are available to integrates imply and efficiently with your existing systems, such as online forms, financial payments and business intelligence management information. For more bespoke integration or integration with in-house systems our consultancy team are on-hand to advise and implement those integrations.


Businesses and organisations are plagued with old outdated systems that are difficult to work with. Our products are hosted, managed and enhanced several times a year to ensure every customer is always getting the benefit of the latest version, the latest features, the latest enhancements - all as part of the service. Talk to any of our existing customers about our support and our software and you will know the difference this can make.