Legal case management software, Case Control is for law firms, in-house legal departments or others practising law.

What is CaseControl – Alphatec’s Legal Case Management Software?

Legal Case Management Software – Case Control is a cloud-based software solution that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and on any device.  This advanced system improves efficiency, reduces cost, and easily integrates with your other software applications.

What does CaseControl do?

  • Matter management
  • Document & Image management
  • Real-time collaborative data sharing
  • Time, Expenses and Fees recording
  • Bundling
  • Document & Field Redaction
  • Automatic workflow and communication

What are the Benefits of CaseControl?

Our legal case management software is secure, easy to use, intuitive, and covers the entire case management process.

  • makes case management more efficient and saves money
  • ensures all documents and correspondence relating to case files are accessible in one place
  • adds value to your service proposition so that you can better serve your clients
  • CaseControl provides a collaborative document workspace ensuring data can be shared from a number of locations in real-time
  • Regular software enhancements ensure that users are always equipped with the latest cutting edge and up to date software

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CaseControl Key Features


Matter & Case Management

CaseControl provides an online management system, to provide you with fast, efficient and detailed information about each matter, case, court bundle, including the risks, financial exposure and costs.


Produce electronic or paper court bundles in minutes. Automate the ingestion, collation and indexing of bundles. Customise the look of your bundles with templates, section headers and more.

Document & Image Management

Allows you to collaborate, transact, litigate and meet through secure document sharing, online review, e-discovery and bundling. GDPR features allow for user defined automatic anonymisation, deletion or pseudonymisation of personal data.


CaseControl includes functionality to set up automatic redaction or deletion of records, specific case fields (e.g. personal data), and associated documents or attachments. This can be set up according to your needs.

Email integration

Keep all correspondence relating to each claim in one place and send and save emails directly through the software via your mail servers.

Automated workflows

Within the software you can define specific actions to be automatically created for each case category / type and the system will offer a reminder to complete these actions within pre-determined time frames if you specify this within the system too.

Time recording

CaseControl integrates with Alphatec's Timebox, so time spent dealing with cases, clients, internal divisions, projects, and activities can be recorded providing the data needed for invoicing both internally and externally.

Work In Progress (WIP)

The Timebox, CaseControl interface means you can record time against specific cases to see chargeable time, countdown hours and WIP at a glance.

Reporting & Business Intelligence (BI)

Reporting can provide data to identify business risks allowing you to take remedial action. BI integration will supercharge the reporting providing you with further opportunities to make sense of your data.

System integration

CaseControl can be integrated with existing IT systems and operations seamlessly. CaseControl also comes with a bulk upload capability so that you upload historical case information, and transfer files from your network drive and automatically upload them to the correct cases.

Online forms /e-FNOL

We can configure a bespoke FNOL for your organisation. This form can be linked to your own intranet/website, so that when data is entered, it directly populates CaseControl.

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