Health & Safety Control

Alphatec's health & safety risk assessment software will support managers to seamlessly integrate health and safety checks into your organisation.

What is Health and Safety Risk Assessment Software?

H&SControl is incident management software that protects you and your employees.  It provides detailed analysis and excellent reporting so that users can thoroughly understand the risks and costs relating to Health & Safety incidents.

What does Health & Safety Control include?

  • A health and safety database to record incidents, near misses, and associated claims
  • Immediate incident notification
  • Auto escalation of critical events
  • Excellent reporting to provide insight
  • Workflow for incident closure
  • Built-in mapping functionality to pinpoint exact location of incident
  • A one-stop location for all incident related information e.g. photographs, reports, training information, communications etc.

What are the Benefits of Health & Safety Control?

  • This Health and Safety risk assessment software will allow you to maintain safety & security in the workplace
  • Provide instant & accurate management information at departmental, contract, & company level
  • Provide visibility to enable you to highlight trends & identify root cause (e.g. regular offenders, repeated incident types, whether particular machinery is regularly involved)
  • Provide data so that you can take action to mitigate risk

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Health & Safety Control Key Features


System Integration

Health & Safety Control is easy to implement as it can be integrated with existing systems and operations seamlessly. The modular design means you can select the modules that best augment your existing systems.

Incident management

Health & Safety Control allows you to capture details of incidents and undertake root cause analysis to identify risk areas and where additional training is required. Incidents are captured in real-time and provide the insight for a qualified Health & Safety Officer to mitigate risk and obtain follow up and more detailed information.

Root cause analysis

Using an incident management system to record not only incidents, but also near misses can provide valuable data to identify root cause. Furthermore, the integration with Google Maps means you can generate incident maps and determine if specific locations, for example, with limited visibility are increasing the likelihood of incidents.

Individual analysis

Reporting allows you to track incidents by staff member, location, equipment, work types and weather impact. This allows management to identify areas where action & follow up is needed.

Reporting & Business Intelligence (BI)

Real-time reports can provide data to identify risks and take remedial action. BI integration supercharges this reporting providing further opportunities to gain insight from the data.

Electronic Document & Image Management

Optional integrated document & image management allows you to attach all relevant documents to each incident.

Automated workflows

The in-built workflow engine allow you to automate repetitive tasks to bring greater efficiency, saving time as well as delivering consistency and ensuring nothing is missed.

Ease of implementation

Health & Safety Control is a modern flexible SaaS cloud platform that is easy to use and implement. We provide migration tools and a full service implementation including migration of existing data, documents, correspondence and images/video.

RIDDOR Reporting

However, you currently manage your RIDDOR reporting, we can incorporate your existing processes into our software so that incident details can be input directly.

Vehicle Inspections

The Motor Inspections app makes it easy for drivers to carry out daily inspections, and report any faults, all evidenced with supporting documentation and a complete back end audit trail.

Online forms / e-FNOL

We can configure a bespoke FNOL for your organisation. This form can be linked to your own intranet/website, so that when data is entered, it directly populates the incident/claim record in Health & Safety Control.

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