Avers Insurance software

Avers Insurance Software is a complete solution to meet the needs of the insurance sector.

What is Avers?

Avers complete Insurance Software solution is a cloud-based platform that delivers a complete insurance solution to insurance companies, established brokers, insurance as a service (IaaS), large organisations, agents or MGA’s.

What does Avers cover?

What are the Benefits of the Avers platform?

Legacy technology is often fragmented, siloed, and hard to change. This can often lead to higher costs and poor customer retention.

Avers insurance software solves these issues as it can be tailored to meet requirements cost effectively, in short time frames.

  • Easy to use
  • Simplified implementation, that can be tailored to your specific requirements and to compliment and improve your current platform
  • Promotes efficient work streams driving operational efficiencies and growth
  • Improves direct customer experience and the customer journey
  • Improves communication and facilitates remote working
  • Includes the best in claims management

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Avers Key Features


Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) is crucial in today's market. Avers enables you to keep customers informed, capture and ingest rich media evidence and supporting files and strengthen relationships through client portals.

Reporting & Business Intelligence (BI)

Real-time reports can provide data to identify risks and take remedial action. BI integration supercharges this reporting providing further opportunities to glean insight from the data.

Claims Management

Claims Management is one of the key component services in Avers enabling your team to capture, process and action insurance claims faster than ever before.

Broking / Sales / Clubs - policy to market

Clubs can offer their members a complete end to end solution for the notification, reporting and settlement of incidents and claims. The Binder Management allows for writing and capacity management.

Document & Image Management and Email Integration

Document & image management allows you to attach all relevant documents to each claim. You can also send and save emails directly through the software ensuring that all data relating to claims is available in one place.

Automated workflows

Workflows can be easily created and configured allowing you to introduce greater efficiency and consistency into your processing.


Streamline the acquisition and on-boarding process with automation rules and promote consistency and compliance to make teams more productive.

System integration

Avers is easy to implement as it can be integrated with existing systems and operations seamlessly. The modular design means you can select the modules that best augment your existing systems.

Time recording

Avers integrates with Alphatec's Timebox, so time spent dealing with clients, internal divisions, projects, and activities can be recorded providing the data needed for invoicing both internally and externally.


Avers provides settlement rooms for the secure agreement, communication, and settlement of multi-party insurance.

Bordereaux & binders

Avers allows you to manage your profitability of placement with inbuilt cost to premium analysis, including automatic threshold management regarding capacity so you can extend or provision quickly.

Multi-language & Multi-currency

Avers is a truly global software solutions that can be configured to whichever language / currency is required.

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