Insurance software

Avers insurance software designed for the Insurer

Avers is a complete end to end data-driven insurance software platform designed for the Insurer. This easy-to-use platform enables brokers, agents and MGA’s to drive operational efficiencies and growth.

Our platform employs the latest cloud-based technology to provide access to actionable intelligence and customer data from any device. 

This secure insurance software can be used by your teams, anywhere and enables customers to scale, make better-informed decisions and deliver enhanced customer value. This is a system for insurance companies and large corporates who require a real-time system with instant global access.

Legacy technology is often fragmented, siloed, and hard to change. This can often lead to higher costs and poor customer retention. Our modern technological solution solves these issues as the Avers software integrates into other systems and can be tailored to meet clients’ requirements in short time frames and at a reasonable cost.

  • Suitable for insurance companies, large corporates, MGA’s, underwriters, loss adjusters and wholesale brokers
  • Promotes efficient work streams
  • Improves direct customer experience and the customer journey
  • Facilitates remote working
  • Includes the best in claims management

Avers’ service-driven architecture allows you to build on our core components to bring the features that you most need in your existing systems by selecting the Avers’ components that best compliment and improve your current platform.

This simplifies implementation, reduces the total cost of ownership and allows you to start benefiting from Avers’ technology right away. 

Discover more about the advantages of Avers below or contact us now to find out we can optimise your insurance solutions.

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The advantages of Avers insurance software 

Customer Experience & Client Portals

Customer Experience (CX) is critical in todays market with customers becoming increasingly digital and expecting more. Avers gives you the ability to keep you customers informed, capture and ingest rich media evidence and supporting files and strengthen that relationship through client portals.

Reporting & Business Intelligence (BI)

Real-time management reports allow you to instantly identify risk issues within your business so that you can take remedial actions and eliminate/reduce costs. Our BI module also allows you to seamlessly integrate Avers with your current Data Warehouse and chosen business intelligence tool (e.g. MS Power BI, Qlik, Tableau and more) giving you the ability to create and publish real-time, fully interactive dashboards, reports, root cause analysis etc. resulting in accurate, fast and powerful information at your fingertips.

Claims Management

Claims Management is one of the key component services in Avers and brings together decades of experience to deliver an intuitive, comprehensive suite of technologies to enhance your claims management function with flexibility and automated workflow at its core. Streamline your claims management function by having all information related, accessible and reportable easily and quickly. Workflows by class of claim give support for unlimited work streams and help your team capture, process and action faster than ever before.

Broking / Sales / Clubs - Policy to Market

Avers provides clubs with the ability to offers their members a complete end to end solution for the notification, reporting and settlement of incidents and claims. The Binder Management allows for writing and capacity management.

Electronic Document & Image Management

There is an optional integrated document and image management module which allows you to attach/upload documents and images to a particular claim to ensure all related documents are immediately available and in one place, also working towards a paperless office environment and adding to the ease of working from anywhere without having to move bulky files.

Automated workflows

Automated workflows allow you to introduce greater efficiency and consistency into your processing. Workflows can be easily created and configured however you wish.


Avers' allows carriers to streamline the acquisition and on-boarding process with automation of rules to increase consistency and compliance while making underwriting support staff more productive.

System integration, Invoicing, client communication

Avers is easy to use and easy to implement as it can be integrated with existing systems and operations seamlessly. The systems modular design allows you to select those modules that will best augment your existing systems.

Claims Financials Reporting

Avers provides complete and comprehensive financial reporting, integrated payments distribution and business intelligence. This allows you fully automated management reporting, client reporting and dashboards to be available in real-time to those who need it. Meaningful real-time financial reporting for a modern insurer.

Collaborative Agreement & Settlement

Avers provides fully integrated settlement rooms for the secure agreement, communication and settlement of multi-party insurance.

Time recording

The user friendly Avers Timebox software interface allows any organisation to record the time they spend on dealing with clients, internal divisions, projects and activities giving them the data needed for invoicing both internally and externally. Being a hosted solution means that again, users can use the software on any device, enabling the swift identification of potential efficiencies and cost savings.

Bordereaux & binders

Avers allows you to manage your capacity, binders and bordereaux, including the profitability of placement (cost to premium ratio analysis), route to market and capacity. This includes the automatic management of thresholds in relation to capacity to enable you to extend or provision more in a timely manner.

Email integration

Keep all correspondence relating to each claim in one place by utilising the email integration which allows you to send and save emails directly through the software.


Avers is a global solution and has full multi-language capabilities and can be configured to be in whichever language is required for the users location.