What is CaseControl?

CaseControl is a legal case management software for law firms, legal departments or others practising law to efficiently manage matters, covering;

  • Matter management,
  • Document & Image management,
  • World-class Time, Expenses and Fees recording
  • Bundling,
  • Document Redaction,
  • Automatic workflow and communication.

CaseControl is a cloud-based legal case management software solution providing agile access anywhere your team needs to carry out their work. This advanced system has been built from the ground up with every aspect designed to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, increase integration with other systems and provide up-to-date security. What’s more, a subscription to CaseControl is future-proofed with upgrades and new features included. 

Insurance Legal Teams also benefit from Alphatec’s expertise in ClaimControl to provide a complete modern integrated system for law firms and in-house legal teams.

Don’t fall behind other firms our clients expect the best as do yours, why not get in touch to see for yourself how our legal case management software, CaseControl can help you.

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The advantages of CaseControl

Matter & Case Management

An online management system, to provide you with fast, efficient and detailed information about each matter, case, court bundle, including the risks, financial exposure and costs.


Produce electronic or paper court bundles in minutes. Automate the ingestion, collation and indexing of bundles. Customise the look of your bundles with templates, section headers and more.

Document & Image Management

Allows you to collaborate, transact, litigate and meet through secure document sharing, online review, e-discovery and bundling. GDPR features allow for user defined automatic anonymisation, deletion or pseudonymisation of personal data.

Collaborative Document Workspace

The software is web based and therefore, data can be shared from a number of different locations in real time.


CaseControl is for legal departments or the legal practice once an incident moves into a legal matter, it covers case management, document management, bundling, emails from with the system, full access to all the original claim history and time recording.

Email integration

Keep all correspondence relating to each case in one place by utilising the email integration tool which allows you to send and save emails directly through the software.

Automated workflows

Within the software you can define specific actions to be automatically created for each case category / type and the system will offer a reminder to complete these actions within pre-determined time frames if you specify this within the system too.

Time recording

The user friendly CaseControl Timebox software interface allows you to record the time spent dealing with cases, clients, internal divisions, projects and activities giving them the data needed for invoicing both internally and externally. Being a hosted solution means that again, users can use the software on any device. Furthermore the reporting gives users the ability to highlight potential efficiencies and cost savings.


By creating specific cases within CaseControl Timebox it can make the recording of chargeable time and countdown hours very straightforward and also means you can record time against a specific case which allows you to see WIP at a glance.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Real-time management reports allow you to instantly identify risk issues within your business so that you can take remedial actions and eliminate/reduce costs. Our BI module also allows you to seamlessly integrate the software with your chosen business intelligence tool (e.g. MS Power BI, Qlik, Tableau and more) giving you the ability to create and publish real-time, fully interactive dashboards, reports, root cause analysis etc. resulting in accurate, fast and powerful information at your fingertips.

System integration

CaseControl is easy to use and easy to implement as it can be integrated with existing IT systems and operations seamlessly. CaseControl also comes with a bulk upload capability that can not only upload all of your historical case information but can even take all those files you have on your network drive and automatically upload them to the correct cases, leaving you to use your expertise to manage your cases rather than being tied up with administration.


CaseControl is a global solution and has full multi-language capabilities and can be configured to be in whichever language is required for the users location.

Online forms / e-FNOL

Whichever way you currently record the case, we can incorporate your existing process into our software or help you devise a new one. We can design and brand an FNOL specifically for you or we can work with a form you already use. Whatever you decide to do, the form can be linked to your own intranet/website, so that data can be input directly into CaseControl.