What is RiskControl?

Risk management requires constant oversight and management. Our bespoke risk management software RiskControl is an advanced risk software solution with data management and risk governance at its core.

RiskControl allows you to manage not only current risks but also to track the dissemination of risk documents to internal departments, external organisations or clients. This all-encompassing system helps you identify, manage and monitor all business risks.

This includes risk concerns such as:

  • Insurance Risk
  • Contract Risk
  • Corporate & Business Risk, and
  • More Operationally
    • Risk Assessments,
    • Dynamic Risk Assessments, and
    • Method Statements

Our advanced risk management software also helps improve your methods by alerting you to which documents are affected, automatically updating those documents and notifying you when documents need to be re-issued. Find out more about this incredible management software solution below or contact us today for an in-depth demo.


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The Advantages of our Risk Management Software

Risk classification

Classifications can be setup to your requirements. Allowing you to track and report on different classes of risk affecting your organisation whether that is contract risk, strategic risk, environmental risk, health and safety or any other risk. We understand the nature of risk varies from sector to sector and have designed the system with flexibility in mind.

Audits & inspections

Audits, Inspections and Risk assessments can all be designed, completed and distributed from within RiskControl removing uncontrolled documents, enforcing versioning and digital signing and ensuring a complete audit trail. The standardisation library built in to the system allows for the quick creation of new questionnaires / forms from the library ensuring consistency and dramatically reducing maintenance and administration costs.


Tracking the underlying risks associated with your business and operations can be time consuming and fragmented. RiskControl allows you to track, monitor, assign and associate risks giving you control and saving your time. Keeping track of who has what versions of all controlled risk documents makes it easy, as changes are made, to see which documents are affected and who needs to receive updated documentation and processes.

Business Intelligence Module integration

If you choose to integrate RiskControl with the business Intelligence module you will also be able to relate this information to to other key datasets within the business, bringing all information together into a single, accessible, platform where key summary dashboards and reports can be shared with stakeholders enabling everyone to see the current picture.


RiskControl makes it easy to integrate your reporting forms into current intranets / systems while the first notification capabilities allow you to make reporting risks easy for staff.

Document Tracking

RiskControl allows you to digitally track all copies of your risk documents (including contracts), allowing you to record who the documents have been distributed to and all changes.


We can provide full training on how to get the most out of RiskControl and fees cover service, training and technical support. We also provide regular webinars to remind users of key hints and tips.

Continual Updates

RiskControl, like all Alphatec Software Solutions, benefits from Kaizen the Japanese philosophy of continual improvement for the benefit of all users. As part of your subscription Alphatec will continue to develop and enhance RiskControl delivering new features, enhancements and improvements at no additional cost. This is part of the reason we have such enviable client retention.


RiskControl is a global solution and has full multi-language capabilities and can be configured to be in whichever language is required for the users location.

Online forms / e-FNOL

Whichever way you currently record the first notification of loss, we can incorporate your existing process into our software or help you devise a new one. We can design and brand an FNOL specifically for you or we can work with a form you already use. Whatever you decide to do, the form can be linked to your own intranet/website, so that data can be input directly into RiskControl.