What is Timebox Management?

Timebox management is a powerful, cloud-based, time management and time recording software. This unique management solution demystifies where and how time is spent to give you a clear idea of where you can reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and increase profitability.

The powerful reporting functionality built into Timebox offers a clear picture of the true costs of people’s time, allowing informed decisions and discussions relating to client profitability or team management. 

This includes:

  • Record time & analyse time spent
  • Relate time to individual clients, tasks/projects
  • Extract data to invoice clients
  • Work in progress at a glance
  • True costs including expenses
  • Facilitates agile working

This timebox management system has been developed with improving teams and aiding staff wellbeing all the while increasing profitability and client satisfaction and client retention. This cloud-based system also allows for agile use no matter where your team is based. 

Timebox is at home running on office systems as well as home office networks. Keep your team running in top condition whether working across the globe or in the same office. Contact us now to find out about our in-depth demos or take a look below and see how this system can improve specific parts of your business.

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The advantages of Timebox

Chargeable time, invoicing & work in progress

With Timebox, you can see at a glance what time and expenses are chargeable and on a project by project basis too. You can also see work in progress at a glance on a client by client basis and also client countdown contracts.

Expenses Module

Not only does Timebox allow staff to capture time allocated to specific clients, but staff can also record all expenses incurred and directly attribute these to specific products, services and customers. This ensures that the true value of client servicing is recorded and also streamlines the process of managers approving staff expenses. Furthermore it facilitates the reconciliation of cumulative mileage.

Agile working

Timebox can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection be that 3G, 4G, 5G, WIFI or wired and is compatible with all devices e.g. desktop, tablet, mobile & laptop.

Improve Time Management

Timebox allows employees to record the time spent on specific tasks for individual customers. From this data, businesses can see clearly how and where time is being spent and gain crucial understanding of client profitability and staff efficiency.


Timebox is easy to understand and intuitive and takes just minutes to learn. The monthly charge covers service, training, technical support and free of charge upgrades..

Who's it for?

Timebox is designed for any industry where time management and client services are required. It is used by Accountants, Legal Teams, Account Managers, Consultants, Wealth Managers, Risk Managers, Health and Safety Advisors and Claim Executives. There is really no limit to who can benefit from the power of Timebox.