Timebox – Time Management

Timebox will demystify where and how time is spent. This will provide visibility of where you can reduce costs and increase profit, improve efficiency, and manage compliance.

What is Timebox Management?

Timebox management is a powerful, cloud-based, time management and time recording software.  It provides a clear picture of the cost of people’s time, and provides data to support discussion, team management, and make informed decisions about profitability, charging structures, and compliance.

What does Timebox allow you to do?

  • Record time & analyse time spent
  • Associate time to individual clients, tasks/projects
  • Justify charging structures adhering to regulations (e.g. FCA fair value rules)
  • Extract data to invoice clients
  • See your work in progress at a glance
  • Ascertain true costs including expenses
  • Support agile working

What are the Benefits of Timebox?

  • Improved communication
  • Improved visibility of costs and cost allocation
  • Can support managers in managing staff training, development and well being
  • Cloud-based system ensuring it can be used anywhere with an internet connection
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Provides data to maximise profitability and adhere to regulation
  • Improve client satisfaction and client retention

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Timebox Management Key Features


Invoicing & work in progress

Timebox allows you to see what time & expenses are chargeable on a project by project basis. You can also see work in progress on a client by client basis and also client countdown contracts.

Expenses Module

Staff can record time spent serving specific clients, & can also record expenses & directly attribute these to specific products, services & customers. This can ensure that the true value of client servicing is recorded, & streamlines the process of managers approving expenses, & assists to reconcile cumulative mileage.

Time management

Employees can record time spent on specific tasks for individual customers.
From this data, businesses can see clearly how & where time is being spent.
This insight can provide crucial understanding of client profitability & staff efficiency.

Training & support

Timebox is easy to understand, intuitive & takes just minutes to learn. The monthly subscription fee covers service, training, technical support & all software enhancements.

Who's it for?

Timebox is designed for any industry where time management and client services are required. It is used by Insurance Brokers, Accountants, Legal Teams, Account Managers, Consultants, Wealth Managers, Risk Managers, Health and Safety Advisors and Claim Executives. There is really no limit to who can benefit from the power of Timebox.

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