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Increase your efficiency by 25% with intelligent insurance claims management software

Make the switch to efficiency and excellence with Alphatec’s claims management. With a suite of powerful claims management tools, you’ll have a streamlined process and happier customers.


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Features & Benefits

  • Centralised data management

    Access and manage all claim documents and evidence in our secure cloud platform. ClaimControl claims management platform provides one place for everything, anytime, anywhere.

  • Start-to-finish claims management

    Streamline everything from FNOL to payout with our end-to-end solution, including a client portal for real-time updates.

  • Competitive pricing

    Pricing is based on the number of users and claim volumes, making our claims management platform affordable and scalable. This helps us keep it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

  • Automated workflows

    Free up time with workflow automation for data entry, communication, and document processing.

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Real-time insights and powerful reporting will enable you to get more from your data.

  • Intelligent location reporting

    Locate claim hotspots, fight fraud, and focus efforts with Google Maps integration.

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How We Can Help Your Business

Our claims management software platform ClaimControl will enable you to improve the way you manage insurance claims, disrepair claims, health and safety incidents and complaints. Our product portfolio also includes legal case management, time recording software, field service management and complete insurance claims management software. Our solutions enable you to streamline processes, improve efficiency and provide a better service to your customers.

We have a wide range of customers from around the globe and from many different sectors such as:


Revolutionise Your Workflow: Seamless Integration with all your favourite tools

Integrating systems is one of Alphatec’s key skills from linking to your chosen business intelligence solution, email provider, accounting software, Office products, Sharepoint, SalesForce, the DVLA and many more. ClaimControl has API functionality to allow data to be passed directly into the system and out as required.
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End-to-End Efficiency for Your Claims Management Lifecycle

ClaimControl revolutionises your claims management, by streamlining processes and allowing certain tasks to be automated. Additionally, routine tasks relating to each claim type, can be pre-defined and automatic notifications, requests and reminders set up. By using our claims management software, the quality of service you can offer your customers is greatly enhanced.

Frequently asked questions

Is there an audit trail?

Yes. Within each claim, there is an event log, showing all changes made to a claim, who made them, what day, date, time and what was changed, uploaded, deleted. There is also an audit report on a user by user basis, to allow you to view everything that a user has done over a given period whilst in any claims.

Is the software scalable?

Yes. New users can be added at any time by any system administrator. Their access can be uniquely configured as required. As you grow, ClaimControl can grow with you.

Will I lose my current data if I switch?

No. As part of the on-boarding service, we will work with you to upload all historical and current data, along with all related, documents, images, emails. We even offer a service to cleanse your data for you, to make the migration even easier for you.

How easy is it to integrate with existing software?

Very easy. Integrating systems is one of Alphatec’s key skills. We already integrate with Office products, certain accounting software, Salesforce, BI Software and others. Let us know what you want to integrate and your account manager will discuss this with you.

Can it be accessed on any device?

Yes. As a web-based solution, ClaimControl can be accessed via the internet, and be used on a smart phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop PC.

Are there ongoing upgrade costs?

No. We offer free of charge updates to ensure that the software remains fully compliant, secure, and is continually enhanced and improved to meet the needs of our extensive list of clients.

What our users have to say

“After using the same claims management system for many years, we at Rochdale Boroughwide Housing have recently moved to using ClaimControl.
We have found it a far more useful and intuitive system than the product we used previously.

The staff at Alphatec have been helpful and prompt when service requests have been submitted and very helpful during the implementation phase.”


“We have been using ClaimControl for 3-4 years and I must say it really is the best thing to have happened to our insurance section in years.

When it comes to support I can only say that Aidan must be Dumbledore’s third brother as he is nothing short of magical. I haven’t had much cause to contact Alphatec as 99% of the time things run smoothly.”


“I have implemented ClaimControl as a total solution for management of our claims. The web-based format, cloud storage and easily navigable system has allowed the management of all claims to be straight-forward, consistent and has informed effective reporting of management information.”


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