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Bespoke software application development

In addition to the Software-as-a-Service solutions we offer; Alphatec also provides bespoke software application development, where our technical experts can work with you to develop solutions that meet your specific business requirement and help deliver efficiency to your organisation.

Here are some examples of bespoke software solutions we have done,

RBS – Migration and Optimisation of the NatWest cheque clearing system.

When RBS took over the National Westminster bank in 2000, their organisational restructuring involved the merging of two separate cheque clearing systems, using the RBS model as the base. At the time this was the largest IT project in Europe. Alphatec were the lead contractor in this process, supplying not only project management consultants, but also technical architects, developers, and testers to enable a successful migration and optimisation programme. The critical challenges on this project were meeting critical time lines with a high level of testing.

Logistik Unicorp – Web based ordering systems

Alphatec were called upon to help troubleshoot technical issues with the Logistik Unicorp live systems, and kick start a stalled programme of change to their operational systems. Alphatec were the main architects and developers in the migration of several major clients from an old AS400 system over to a newer system built on Microsoft IIS and SQL Server technology.  The challenge in this project was bringing together several acquisitions to consolidate on one platform.

Trust Utility Management

Alphatec were approached by a Road Maintenance Utility company who were looking for a way to evidence pre-action signage and setup.  Through business process consultancy, Alphatec were able to advise the client to first prioritise the electronic import and allocation of jobs as this would ensure that no jobs were missed. This was carried out as phase one of the solution, with the second phase being the development of a mobile App to allow the gangs to,

  • receive works instructions electronically direct to their tablet – cutting down on travelling time and cost
  • allow them to evidence the site upon arrival, site setup and job completion, providing supporting evidence for work completed and the reinstatement of site thereby reducing damage claims
  • perform site audits and real-time quality checks on work completed from head office, improving quality and efficiency, reducing travel costs and enabling more audits with less resource
  • End-to-end traceability of all work from receipt to completion in real-time – improved main client confidence and significant reduction in Section 74 fines.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you with your bespoke software development needs or the implementation of business intelligence (including integrations) within your organisation.

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Experience & Expertise

Our team have extensive knowledge of implementing our products across many sectors and how they can best service your business; over 20 years’ experience of product analysis and design, migration and implementation, development and support mean that Alphatec are the ideal partner to help you leverage all of the advantages our products can bring to your business or organisation.

Proven Track Record of Delivering

Alphatec prides itself on its reputation for successfully implementing solutions that work for our clients. This is achieved by following our tried and tested approach and our commitment to understand the issues, requirements and best value best solution.

We dont blindly build what we are asked, we will understand, enquire and add value. Allowing us to offer our advise and contribution on the best approach. After all that's why you want to work with experts.

Integrity & Trust

Alphatec have led some of the largest IT projects in Europe. This was because our clients trusted us and new that we were as committed to the success as they were.

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