Insurance industry software solutions

Our insurance industry software solutions are used across the industry by insurers, brokers, MGA’s, loss adjusters through to those supporting organisations that are part of the whole insurance process like TPA’s and claims management companies.

Alphatec is a leading provider of wholesale and retail insurance industry software solutions and insurance management systems that help organisations improve efficiency, streamline workflow, improve the customer experience and client retention all of which contributes to cutting costs and making your organisation more profitable while improving customer experience (CX).

Our SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud software can be implemented quickly and easily with no additional demand on already stretched internal IT Services and we can migrate your existing information into our solutions as required. We also implement in private clouds for those who prefer that approach.

Our insurance industry software solutions enable you to:

  • Manage legal obligations relating to Data Governance and GDPR
  • Leverage individual modules to replace or supplement the workstreams that need the biggest improvement
  • Quickly respond to the customisations or additional demands of new verticals
  • Streamline your claims processing
  • Bi-directional interfaces to underwriting and modelling
  • Efficiently manage legal preparation, deal room, redaction and more
  • Improve retention and customer experience
  • Monitor levels of specific regulatory activity; Compliance and CPD objectives
  • Support TCF and maximise client retention, with service and fee transparency where appropriate

The following features make our insurance industry software solutions powerful yet easy to use solutions:

  • Support for a distributed workforce and partner supplied services
  • Provide a full modern platform that supports remote working without compromise
  • Powerful Business Intelligence with adhoc reporting and dashboards
  • Centralised co-ordination with operational and financial reporting
  • Integration with your own and others systems
  • Uploading of photos and evidence, document and image management
  • Automated diary workflow and notifications
  • Time recording at unit or time level

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Our insurance industry software solutions

Why Alphatec?


All our products are modular and are available to integrate simply and efficiently with your existing systems, such as online forms, financial payments and business intelligence management information. For more bespoke integration or integration with in-house systems our consultancy team are on hand to advise and implement those integrations.

Ease of use

Our products are hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud solutions, accessible from any location and device with an internet connection, making homeworking, hot desking and collaboration easy and productive. Full training and migration of data from existing systems can be provided as part of the service.


Businesses and organisations are plagued with old, outdated systems that are difficult to work with. Our products are hosted, managed and enhanced several times a year to ensure every customer is always getting the benefit of the latest version, the latest features, the latest enhancements - all as part of the service. Talk to any of our existing customers about our support and our software and you will know the difference this can make.

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