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The Construction and Civil Engineering sector, comprises local, national and international companies, varying in size and complexity but all with a similar core requirement; to manage multi-site autonomous settings, with careful central co-ordination, to maintain control and maximise efficiencies.

Alphatec is a leading provider of construction insurance management software solutions for health & safety incident management, insurance claim, contract claim and legal case management, property and vehicle management.

Our SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud construction software UK can be implemented quickly and easily with no additional demand on already stretched internal IT Services and we can migrate your existing information into our solutions as required.

Our construction insurance management software solutions :

  • Record and manage incidents, quickly, easily and consistently, from any location.
  • Manage and track an incident or defect that results in an insurance claim or even a legal case and understand the relationship between them and your related insurance policies.
  • Manage and understand your property/asset portfolio, associate incidents and defects.
  • Manage and understand your vehicle asset portfolio and drivers, associate incidents, undertake inspections.
  • Fully understand your business; bring together data from our software and even integrate with information from your other systems, providing meaningful information at whatever level is required.

The following features make our software powerful yet easy to use solutions:

  • Remote access from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Electronic form entry.
  • Uploading of photos and evidence, document and image management.
  • Automated diary workflow and notifications.
  • Email integration.
  • Access restriction by role.
  • Centralised co-ordination with operational and financial reporting.
  • Powerful adhoc reporting with mapping and clustering.
  • Policy and insurance reporting and management.
  • Integration with your own systems.

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Our construction software solutions

Why Alphatec for your construction software UK?


Businesses and organisations are plagued with old outdated systems that are difficult to work with. Our products are hosted, managed and enhanced several times a year to ensure every customer is always getting the benefit of the latest version, the latest features, the latest enhancements all as part of the service. Talk to any of our existing customers about our support and our software and you will know the difference this can make.

Ease of Implementation

Our products are hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud solutions, accessible from any location and device with an internet connection, making home working, hot desking and working with remote teams and subcontractors easier to control and more productive.

Full training and migration of data from existing systems can be provided as part of the service.


From the largest corporate to the individual, we have a pricing structure for you.
Pricing is based on modular design and measured usage such as users, records, and optional features such as document storage. The client pays for what they need.
Subscription costs include all enhancements to the core system.

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