ClaimControl Claims Management Software

ClaimControl is an intelligent insurance claims management software that feeds into your business and works from anywhere. You will save time and money with Alphatec's claims software.

What is a claims management software?

ClaimControl is a cloud-hosted intelligent insurance claims management software. Our claims software covers incident management, claims and risk.

What does ClaimControl claims management software do?

ClaimControl allows you to manage claims more efficiently. It does this by streamlining processes and allowing certain tasks to be automated.  Additionally, routine tasks relating to each claim type, can be pre-defined and automatic notifications, requests and reminders set up.  This claims management system ensures that the claim’s handling process is managed proactively through workflows, email integration and escalation of tasks.  This enables more claims to be handled in less time.  The outcome is that the quality of service offered is greatly enhanced.

  • manage the claims workflow
  • identify root cause
  • help to detect fraud
  • subcontractor/3rd party performance management
  • automated diary workflow
  • escalation of tasks

What are the Benefits of our claim management software?

Easy-to-use, our claims management system is intuitive and covers the entire claims management process.

  • makes claims management more efficient and saves money
  • adds value to your service proposition so that you can better serve your clients
  • the functionality can allow your customers to key new claims data directly into the system
  • Our claims management software will provide information at your fingertips improving teamwork and communication
  • Regular software enhancements ensure that users are always equipped with the latest cutting edge and up to date software

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ClaimControl Claims Software Key Features


Claims Management

Claims can be recorded with bespoke classification of categories & types. This results in reporting that can be segmented as required. Trend analysis can identify areas with a high-level of claims and provide a clear view of “below the deductible” costs as well as those which result in a full insurance claim.

Insurance Management

You can manage cover details with our intelligent claims management software, key points, policies declarations, endorsements, supplier management and insurer communications in a single online portal.

Policy Management

Store and manage all insurance policies defining premiums, renewal dates etc. Produce reports to enable you to negotiate insurance renewal premiums.

Reporting & Business Intelligence (BI)

Reporting can provide data to identify business risks allowing you to take remedial action. BI integration will supercharge the reporting providing you with further opportunities to make sense of your data.

Electronic Document & Image Management

Optional integrated document and image management allows you to attach all relevant documents to each claim.

Email integration

Keep all correspondence relating to each claim in one place and send and save emails directly through the software via your mail servers.


Access is via a web browser with multi-factor authentication. Administrators can set users up with different levels of security access.

Property Module

The property module is an optional extra which links to Google maps and allows you to record all current and historical property data.

Motor Module & Motor Inspection App

The motor module allows you to monitor driver & vehicle related incidents, confirm ownership (links with the DVLA) and identify trends & repeat offenders. The motor inspection app allows you to evidence daily inspections, report faults & ensure compliance.

MOJ Portal Integration

ClaimControl interfaces with the MOJ portal streamlining the management of portal applications, & notifications.

Online forms /e-FNOL

We can configure a bespoke FNOL for your organisation. This form can be linked to your own intranet/website, so that when data is entered, it directly populates the claim record in ClaimControl.

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