Data entry shortcuts with Alphatec software

Alphatec’s ClaimControl has built in data entry shortcuts to provide optimum user experience and minimise duplication of effort.

A new piece of software should make the operational and management side of any department better.  Improved reporting for managers shouldn’t be at the cost of a poor user experience as the system will get underutilised.  On the other side of the coin, a system that is great for the team but with little to no management information will end up replaced by manual workarounds and spreadsheets as good data from reporting is vital for business insight.  With ClaimControl our aim is to improve the lives of everyone involved, and a particular area we’ve emphasised is duplication of effort & data entry shortcuts.

1) Online data capture

Rather than have a paper form or an electronic form that just sends the incident/claim detail via email, we’ve enabled the system to either integrate with your form or you can use ours, and this will automatically capture all information and populate it directly into a new claim within ClaimControl.

2) Copy incident

Maybe an online form isn’t for you, or you offer ‘over the phone’ notification as well.  Copy incident allows you to start a new claim based on a previous one, for instance, if you’ve dealt with another public liability trip incident recently, you can copy this incident for your new one, updating only the variable fields like claimant and location.

3) In-system database

ClaimControl utilises the concept of having databases within itself that allow you to start building up data about the parties associated with the claims you manage.  These include the kinds of 3rd party services you engage from a loss adjustor or legal representation so you can stop repeating the process of typing in their details wherever they get involved in a claim.  It also fulfils an additional function as an early indicator of fraud as it also includes a count of the number of times a person is associated with claims, useful when you also capture witness details for instance, as there isn’t an obvious explanation if the same witness repeatedly appears against claims.

As well as all the helpful functions the system can offer, we are also able to integrate with any system to either input data like properties or vehicles, as well as export data, including generating a payment file that can be imported into your payment processing system following a claim settlement, or to send data into an external reporting tool like Microsoft Power BI.

We create smart systems at Alphatec, that make work easier.  Explore our website to find out more.

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