Disrepair claims, manage them with ClaimControl

What is a disrepair claim?

Disrepair claims usually relate to housing and can otherwise be known as a Housing Disrepair Claim.

A housing disrepair claim occurs when a tenant has reported an issue to their landlord, given them sufficient time to carry out repairs and they have failed to make repairs or ignored the problem completely.

Why are they ignored?

It is unlikely that claims are ignored deliberately, and for those who manage a large amount of housing stock with a lot of issues things can be missed.  In some instances, the issues are not even ignored, it may be that work is ongoing behind the scenes to fix the problem, but it is just taking a while.  Any landlord, Housing Association or University should maintain clear and thorough records so that you can prove that a problem was logged, responded to and action pursued.

Key points when managing disrepair claims

  • Date reported – it is important that the date a tenant reports a disrepair is logged accurately
  • Evidence – it is also important that all communications from both the tenant and the landlord are kept (letters, photographs etc. pertaining to the problem)
  • Claim Type – identifying the claim type will allow claims to be prioritised according to the level of risk they pose whether it be health and safety risk or risk of further damage and claim escalation

How ClaimControl will help?

  • Date field – no matter when you enter the claim into the system you can specify the reported date within the claim
  • Electronic Document & Image Management – all photographs, letters and claim relevant supporting documentation can be held within the claim record
  • Email integration – email communication both internally and with the person who has reported the issue can be stored within the record
  • Our property module allows you to record building details, valuations, and specific locations within a building. You can record condition checks and tenant information here too.  It also links to Google maps allowing you to plot the specific location of the property
  • Bespoke claim type – the claim type field can be created to suit your organisation
  • Automated diary workflow, notifications, and reminders – never miss a deadline date and if certain information isn’t received by due dates this will flag up so that you can stay on top and keep within reasonable timescales
  • Manage claims workflow – see your list of outstanding actions every time you log in
  • Escalation of tasks – when tasks are distributed to others the system will flag up if they’re not actioned by the due date so you can chase up
  • Subcontractor/3rd party management – manage your subcontractors and identify those that are not performing or causing delays etc.
  • Complete claims and transactions and preserve historic records
  • Identify repeat claimants or properties that are affected by continual problems

At Alphatec our aim is to provide software solutions that enable you to work smarter, manage your workload better and more efficiently.  Using ClaimControl to manage disrepair claims will save you money by minimising compensation pay-outs.  Click here to arrange a demo so that we can highlight the benefits of ClaimControl.

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