Software facilitates agile working

Alphatec’s software makes agile working easy?

Agile working is a term coined to describe working from anywhere, and Alphatec’s Cloud Software facilitates this.  Since the challenges of Covid-19, where offices closed, and people were forced to work from home, the working day being managed around helping children with schoolwork etc., a light has been shone on the need for businesses to be able to support agile working, now and into the future.

Is agile working here to stay?

Some employees are choosing to keep that work flexibility wherever and however they can, and according to some reports, even leaving jobs for one where the employer can offer homeworking permanently.  Employees cite improved work-life balance, that in turn improves well-being.

This means that for businesses, what was seen as a ‘temporary workaround,” put in place in the hope of returning to how things used to be, is now part of the norm, or necessary to attract talent and retain staff.  This therefore, now needs a proper fix, and the utilisation of web-based software is necessary.

Software that facilitates agile working can solve various issues?

During the pandemic, when homeworking became mandatory, manual paper-based systems and processes were hastily moved to self-built databases, and it’s possible that many run more spreadsheets than they care to mention.

Another restriction that impacts many, is where software sits ‘inside’ the company network and to be able to access them means finding a secure network access point or utilising the troublesome, VPN connection.   For anyone who uses these regularly you probably experience regular drop-out, slowed connection speed and lack of flexibility.  If this is familiar to you, it’s likely that your software isn’t a fully hosted SaaS, and instead a software solution with challenges around ongoing support and outdated versions without the newest functionality, etc etc

The entire Alphatec product suite is built to support this work from anywhere necessity, whether you manage insurance, schedule works, or have a client type role where the recording of time against tasks is vital, such as insurance broking and the legal profession.

How does Alphatec software deliver this?
  1. Web-based systems

You can access our software from anywhere with an internet connection utilising a browser.  For additional security, we’ve added MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) to the standard requirement for username and a complex password.  This means that whether accessing from the office, home, or on the move, users can be working.

  1. User Access Controls

Alphatec systems are designed for you to be able to give access to anyone that needs it, but with the control to limit this to only what each user needs.  Individual user activity can be understood with full audit reporting of system activity.

  1. Replacing Paper

Our systems facilitate a completely paperless process, removing paper data capture forms, manual recording activity on paper in the field before duplicating the work into the system at a later date, or the need for distributing work physically, instead of just issuing the work via our app to the team on site.

Our approach to software is to develop it and provide it in such a way as to provide maximum benefit to our customers.  If you’d like to hear about existing customers successes or learn more about what we do, then explore www.alphatec.net or get in touch [email protected]

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