Real-time information sharing in business

Real-time information sharing in business is literally sharing information as it happens.  Communication and sharing of information is key to success, but the last 2 years have shown us that face-to-face conversations aren’t necessarily the way businesses will operate, so finding software solutions to ensure that up-to-date information is available to everyone, wherever they are working and whenever they need it, is vital.

Why real-time information sharing in business is so crucial

Without the ability for any stakeholder involved in the incident & claims management process to see at the click of a button the latest status of an activity, or get the latest view of key financial indicators to make informed decisions, your business will be hamstrung.  Any process undertaken or strategic decision made without having up-to-date information will run the risk of being outdated and incorrect.  After all, you wouldn’t make insurance policy decisions without ensuring you have up-to-date key facts that impact your coverage.

If you operate using several systems and disparate processes that aren’t joined together, then at some point they will all be telling a different story and likely require manual intervention to keep each one updated with the other, causing masses of duplication in effort and wasted time.  You may currently be using a self-built basic database, spreadsheets, or even paper – whatever combination it may be, it will be making information sharing more difficult.

The benefits of information sharing

Whenever we speak to existing customers, one of the biggest benefits they’ve seen in their organisation is the ability to easily share information with whoever may need it.  With ClaimControl this can take many forms:

  • Providing tailored access to the system to individuals so they can carry out their job without seeing confidential claim data
  • Automatically feeding data from the system into Business Intelligence platforms
  • Utilising the Access Anywhere benefits of being a SaaS system so updates can be done from anywhere someone is working
  • Engaging external parties faster, for instance, sharing data with insurers to start the claim process or giving their broker access to specific categories of claims for them to assist

It isn’t just about giving access though; it is the way ClaimControl collates and presents data that underpins its ability to help share information.  Whether it’s by automatically adding email correspondence to an incident record, having a single area for notes to be stored, or the ability to integrate additional data sources such as fleet systems, finance systems, and your core ERP, ClaimControl will give you and the business a single source of truth regarding the management of incidents & claims.

More information about ClaimControl and the rest of the Alphatec range of software can be found on our website.

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