Works management software – the solution

Works management software can provide the solution to manage projects, processes, and contractors. However, whilst most organisations have made the move from paper systems and adopted technology, there are still varying levels of technological adoption and system functionality.

Works management software – ‘real time’ visibility of progress

One key feature of a great system such as Alphatec’s WASP is live works management.  This can allow the manager, customer, or any other stakeholder, to check in on progress at any point.  And this can also be validated by evidence.

Without a system that has this visibility of progress feature, it could be some time before you find out the status of works.  For example, if there haven’t been any reported issues, or any phone calls made to head office or the supervisor, the first time anyone may find out the work in progress may be at the end of the day or the following morning when there’s maybe a daily check-in phone call.  This could be a problem as what one person may perceive as an issue or not, may differ to what another person does, so it is a real benefit to be able to check on the progress of works.

Thanks to mobile phone technology this can now easily be facilitated, and WASP is accessible from any device, anywhere with an internet connection.  Contractors/employees simply log into the system, see their schedule for the day and head straight out, often removing the need to journey into the depot. Once on site, the system lets the team record in ‘real time’ their progress, as well as documenting the job in the form of photos, text, and video.

Works management software – Aiding communication

Improved visibility of the progress of work, is invaluable in aiding communication throughout the whole team, allowing anyone within the business to access each job and view evidence of work in progress and completed works.  WASP functionality also allows you to integrate with your existing or other software systems, further providing information at the fingertips of the whole business team.

If required, WASP functionality can provide customer access via the client portal, and your customer can access and view the progress of every job in real time.  Bespoke dashboards can also be created so that specific aspects of works orders can be highlighted and summarised.

Works management software – Providing insight

WASP improves visibility and will free up time so that managers/schedulers can focus on the bigger picture and are better equipped to monitor workloads and allocate and schedule work, materials, and equipment.

Real-time reports can provide data to identify risks and see any pinch points in advance and plan to minimise any resource limitations.  This can provide the insight to ensure that action is taken in good time to maintain efficiencies and ensure costly penalties are avoided.

Alphatec’s WASP allows you to take control of your contractor project management and covers everything from works orders to evidence collation and invoicing.  Explore our website further or click through to request a demo.

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