Award Winning Alphatec

Award winning Alphatec is proud.  So proud that we’ve decided to dedicate a whole news item to tell you about all the business awards we’ve been shortlisted for and the ones we’ve won too.

Why apply for business Awards?

It’s important for team unity, bonding, and staff motivation to apply for business awards.  A business award win, short-listing or nomination acts as a 3rd party endorsement to our business and make us feel recognised for our efforts and proud to be a part of the Alphatec team.

Additionally, the application process provides us with an opportunity for reflection.  We can look at our business and our competitors and identify areas for improvement.  This means that whether we win or not, the application process has been valuable.

Also, entering, and winning business awards demonstrates to our customers that we are a worthy organisation for them to partner with, reinforcing their reasons to work with us.

Which awards have we been shortlisted for or won?

Insurance Times – Claims Excellence Awards

We entered our ClaimControl software solution for the Claims Product Solution of the Year and have been shortlisted.

This award recognises that ClaimControl has enhanced and added value to a firm’s claims service.

Award winning Alphatec were shortlisted because ClaimControl is easy to use, intuitive, and covers the entire claims management process.  The software automates the claims process and increases efficiency by reducing administration time and the cost of claims handling.  This enabled one of our valued customers to save 25% in staff time, which equated to a £77k cost saving.  They were also able to obtain better reports providing them with more opportunity for analysis and insight so that they are better able to respond to their customers and make more informed business decisions.

Insurance Times – #ITAwards

We entered ClaimControl for the Excellence in Technology – Claims Award and won the bronze award.

Insurance Times awarded Alphatec with the bronze award for excellence with regards to the ability for claims handlers to proactively manage their workflows, escalation of tasks and meeting their claims management timescales. They also valued ClaimControl because of the way in which it improves teamwork, communication and integrates with business intelligence, accounting systems, DVLA, google maps and other systems.

They also admired the software for the ease of installation, low licensing costs, regular upgrades, and the fact that it is accessible on any device from anywhere with an internet connection. 

The National Insurance Awards

We entered ClaimControl for the InsurTech Award and have been shortlisted.

This award recognises amongst other things, successful implementation.

We have been shortlisted because of the smooth process of onboarding our customers, and you can read a case study about Northumberland County Council that outlines an example of where careful planning, analysis and constant communication facilitated a focused, smooth migration and implementation.  This took only 2 weeks elapsed time from final bulk data extract to go-live.

Following their implementation, Alphatec continued to work hard with this client to immediately enhance their configuration and optional features further and improve their business process efficiency.

This successful implementation is not unique to only one customer.  Alphatec can achieve this across the board because ClaimControl differs from the traditional software model as it is in place and tested, meaning installation and configuration is quick and easy. Furthermore, ongoing customer support is provided from our customer support team and dedicated account manager.

Insurance CX Awards

We entered award winning Alphatec for the CX Service Provider Award and we have been shortlisted.

This award recognises exceptional customer service that is entrenched in everything we do.

We have been shortlisted because of our ‘customer focus’ and because our software solutions provide our customers with an application that allows them to provide their clients with outstanding customer service.  A win-win for everyone!

Get in touch with us

I recently read that “selling is a lot easier when you genuinely want to help people”, and this is award winning Alphatec.

Our aim is to provide solutions to your problems, continually enhancing our systems so that you work more efficiently and save money.  We also value the importance of good communication, and we will provide a software solution to enable you to provide the best service to your customers.

If you would like to hear more about our products and services, then contact us for a demo.

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