Motor claims management software.

Motor claims management software is crucial to manage claims smoothly and painlessly.  A recent article in Insurance Age Magazine says that “the general performance of insurers around claims is dreadful.  And reporting claims, especially motor, is torturous – being on the phone 25-40 minutes to report a claim.”

So how can you improve the process?  In this blog we explore what a motor claim is, how to avoid common pitfalls when making a claim and motor claims management software.

What is a motor claim?

A motor claim typically arises when a policyholder is involved in an accident or collision with another vehicle, an object, or a pedestrian.

The motor insurance claims settlement process usually starts with the policyholder reporting the accident to their insurance company, and many insurers specify that you need to inform them about an accident within 24 hours of the incident.

You should always tell your insurance company if you’re involved in an accident, no matter how small, and even if you aren’t intending to make a claim.

How to avoid common pitfalls when making a motor claim.

There are several common pitfalls that policyholders may encounter when filing motor insurance claims. Here are some of the most frequent ones:

Delay in reporting the accident: Failing to report the accident to the insurance company promptly can result in a delay in the claims process or even the denial of the claim.

Inadequate documentation: Failure to document the accident scene, damages, and injuries can make it difficult to prove the claim and receive the settlement amount that you deserve.

Insufficient coverage: Policyholders who have inadequate cover may find that their insurance policy does not cover the full cost of repairs or medical bills incurred after an accident.

Inaccurate information: Providing inaccurate or incomplete information to the insurance company can delay the claims process or even result in the denial of the claim.

Dispute over fault: If there is a dispute over who was at fault for the accident, the claims process can become complicated, and the policyholder may need to engage legal counsel.

Lengthy claims process: The claims process can be lengthy, and policyholders may experience delays in receiving settlement payments, leading to financial hardship.

To avoid these pitfalls, policyholders should report accidents promptly, provide accurate and detailed information to the insurance company, document the accident scene thoroughly, and make sure they have adequate coverage under their policy.

The Citizen’s Advice provide great advice on what to do at the scene of an accident, the documentation you should obtain and general guidance on making a claim.

It’s also essential to stay in regular communication with the insurance company throughout the claims process and seek legal advice if necessary.

The best motor claims management software process.

The best motor claims management software process is one that is straightforward, efficient, and responsive to the needs of policyholders.

Here are some key features of a good motor insurance claims process:

Clear communication: The insurance company should provide clear and timely communication to policyholders throughout the claims process, keeping them informed of any developments or updates.

Fast processing time: The claims process should be efficient, with a quick turnaround time for processing claims and paying out settlements.

Online accessibility: The insurance company should offer an online claims portal or mobile app that allows policyholders to easily file and track their claims from anywhere, at any time.

Direct payment: The insurance company should offer direct payment options, so policyholders can receive their settlements quickly and without the need for lengthy paperwork.

Quality customer service: The insurance company should provide excellent customer service, with knowledgeable and responsive representatives available to answer questions and address concerns.

Transparency: The insurance company should be transparent about the claims process and any coverage limitations, ensuring that policyholders understand their rights and obligations under their policy.

Overall, the best motor claims process is one that handles claims well, prioritising the needs and concerns of policyholders, and providing them with a fast, transparent, and hassle-free experience when filing and processing claims.

Motor claims management software – ClaimControl.

Alphatec’s ClaimControl will revolutionise the motor claims process. Providing everything an organisation needs to streamline processes, improve efficiency, save money, and provide better customer service.

A recent Which Survey scores the best insurers on 4 qualities.

  • Customer Service
  • Speed of claim handing
  • Ongoing communication on claim progress
  • Settlement value

Here is how ClaimControl can elevate your claims handling service to equal the best.

We can configure a bespoke First Notification of Loss (e-FNOL) for the client or the claim handler to record all claims data.

E-Mail functionality is included to notify the person submitting a new claim of their claim number and giving them the details of everything that they added on the FNOL. Auto E-Mails will alert the relevant claims staff that a new claim has been submitted. E-Mails can also be sent directly to the insurer, if of interest, so that everyone in “the chain” is notified instantly; in fact, emails can go wherever they are required to go, if the required email address is known.

When the data is entered, it directly populates the ClaimControl claim record eliminating double-keying. Then, via the client portal, customers can monitor and view their claim as it progresses and see updates and status changes.  They can also upload correspondence and evidence and run their own detailed reporting on a self-serve basis.

For the claims handling process, routine tasks relating to each claim type, can be pre-defined and automatic notifications, requests and reminders set up.  This results in the claim’s handling process being proactively managed through workflows, email integration and escalation of tasks which enables more claims to be handled in less time and ensures that claims are handled within specified or pre-agreed timescales.  This results in enhanced customer service, and claims handlers have more time to better serve clients needs, and provide support and sympathy at a very stressful time.

With ClaimControl all information relating to the claim is accessible in one place. For example, details of the insurance policy i.e. level of cover and excess, and all documentation and communication relating to the claim can be uploaded within the claim record too.  Furthermore, task automation and reminders can be pre-set to expedite the claims process and automatic chasers can be set up to obtain associated evidence and documentation and keep the claims process moving and ensure the quickest settlement of the claim.

ClaimControl will enhance your claims management process and elevate your claims handling process to be the best it can be.  Discover how ClaimControl can help you by requesting a demo.

We look forward to helping you.


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