Alarm Risk

Alarm Risk is a not-for-profit professional membership association that has supported risk management practitioners since 1991. Alarm provide their members with support, education, training, guidance and best practice information and insight, including networking, and industry recognition for excellence across risk management.

Every quarter Alarm Risk publish a journal called ‘stronger’ which includes articles about the issues that matter to their members. The April 2024 edition includes the Alarm Risk Expert Profile of Alphatec’s Sales Director, Simon Davies, see below.

This article highlights Simon’s expertise in steering Alphatec’s mission to provide cutting edge insurance and claims management software solutions to a global customer, in an array of sectors.

Simon explains that “his commitment lies in tailoring our solutions to cater to the specific needs of each sector.” This is achieved because Alphatec’s software is highly configurable, and can easily integrate with a businesses existing software.

Alphatec provides solutions for all sectors (including local government, housing associations, education authorities, blue light, to name a few….), and our software solutions enable organisations to drive efficiencies and reduce data silos which saves money and improves communication and streamlines processes.

Alphatec’s software solutions provide an all-in-one platform to analyse historical data and anticipate potential problems before they erupt into costly insurance claims, enabling proactive risk management. Unsure which software solution is right for you? Speak to Simon via this link or by phone on 01327 342 299 or email on [email protected]

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