Alphatec will integrate with your software

Ensuring that new software integrates with your existing systems is key.  No one has the time or desire to see re-keying being the ‘sacrifice’ to getting the latest piece of software in-situ.  In this blog we’ll cover off how Alphatec will integrate with your software to provide efficiencies in work processes and improvements for all parties in the insurance process.

How does Alphatec software help the Insured?

Not only can Alphatec integrate with the more obvious systems, like employee databases, but our software can also integrate with vehicle and property systems so that claims and incidents can be associated to the asset involved.  You can even allow it to send data to your insurance company so they can access the pertinent claim data, and you have not got to duplicate effort.  Removing inefficiencies is key to software success.  ClaimControl has been built to be flexible, allowing almost endless customisation in user access so it can work in head office & branch type organisations, to cross purpose use with Health & Safety incidents and legal case management as well as Insurance Claims.  It evens has intelligent eFNOL data capture to ensure the right information is supplied by the reporting person.

How does ClaimControl help the Insurance Broker?

As a broker, you may be providing Claims Management to your customers and the flexibility of the ClaimControl will allow you to manage multiple customers all in the same instance of the ClaimControl system, being able to provide limited access to your clients and give them bespoke reports for their needs.  Alternatively, you may encourage Clients to utilise the system and provide limited access to you as their broker.  Either way, you will benefit by more easily being able to update your client and advise them when the annual review comes around.  But adding ClaimControl into the process won’t increase admin, quite the opposite.  It can have updates on claims added direct from Insurance companies and these updates can be pushed to and accessed by both broker and client, removing unnecessary update phone calls.

How does our software help the Loss Adjustor?

As a Loss Adjustor working for either the client or insurance companies, encouraging the use of software just makes sense.  It allows the claim up to the point you get involved to be shared with you, including photos, maps, and communications.  This means you get the information direct to help the investigation.  Similarly, your ability to live update back into ClaimControl what you’re doing allows other parties to be self-serving and see latest updates.

How does Alphatec help the Insurance Company?

In many cases the software setup for Insurance companies will centre around the core ERP system that is used for everything from accounts, to HR and payroll.  What this may mean is that the Claims management area is not using the best of the cutting-edge technology that is available.  Alternatively, you may have a system that has great CRM and policy management functionality but is lacking a little when it comes to recoding all the facets of a claim and the deep analysis, you’d like to be able to add from Claims into the broader reporting of the business.  Whatever the combination, ClaimControl can integrate with a range of systems to be seamlessly incorporated.

Alphatec systems also integrate with one another, so you can use ClaimControl to record information about claims, incidents, and cases, while recording the time spent on individual tasks using Timebox, showing true time spent by the teams involved.  Utilising WASP, the Works Activity Scheduling Platform, you can allocate work orders to teams in the field who can, as and when required, interface back into ClaimControl with any incidents or claims they encounter that are associated to the jobs.

The Alphatec product suite has been designed to allow our customers to use systems built specific to tasks they are trying to complete, whilst also integrating data from other sources to enrich the experience, whether that is issuing work, recording time or managing an incident, case or claim in ClaimControl.

Take a look around our website, request a brochure or demo or contact us to find out how we can work together.

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