ClaimControl – Uses for Law and Health & Safety

When Alphatec first developed the ClaimControl system, we were focused on the way it needed to work for customers to be able to manage insurance claims.  We ensured that you could upload evidence like photos and documents, record notes about conversations that have taken place, and have a built-in rich reporting ability that would allow easy interrogation of the data for claims analysis, and trend spotting.

Over the years the system has evolved as any good SaaS system should, to incorporate changes in market demands & trends, advancement in technology but most importantly, to meet our customers’ needs.  All of this has resulted in adding in great developments like anti-fraud assistance in the shape of the utilisation of photo & video GPS data, integration with online claim notification forms and a highly flexible approach to system setup so customers see data fields and text that is familiar to them and their industry.

This flexibility has spurred some of our most recent development and the creation of new software products, based upon ClaimControl, but which focus on meeting specific needs around Health & Safety and Legal Cases.

Health & Safety Control

Naturally expanding ClaimControl’s use to the recording of not just insurance claims, but any incident type, whether non-claim, below the deductible or a near-miss, is something many of our existing customers do today and has meant the use and appeal of the system within their businesses has grown.  We’ve enhanced the functionality further with Health & Safety Control to include bespoke workflows which can be built alongside automated notification of an incident report and enhanced repeat offender reporting with root cause analysis to identify changes that can be made to your business setup, process, or training.


Access to ClaimControl by internal legal teams as part of the process of claims management inspired us to further enhance the abilities from a legal perspective to allow CaseControl to be used by any law firm, legal department or others practising law to efficiently manage matters.  By also utilising the abilities of our time management system, Timebox, we have a system that facilitates document redaction, bundling and workflow management with time recording for client billing and expenses.

Our desire to continually improve and enhance our systems with the latest and greatest features means that they will only get richer with functionality, benefiting our current and future customers.

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