Business Intelligence

How Alphatec can help you gain Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is a phrase used to cover everything from dashboards, to reports, to KPI’s and operational methodologies. Business intelligence provides you with key information and data to create strategies and technologies to improve operations.

Alphatec has decades of experience in business intelligence and analysis that we can share with you to help you reach your goals faster by providing you with one or more of the following:

  • Access to structured data warehouses for our Software Solutions to allow you to query them with your existing BI toolset
  • Assistance with setting up a data warehouse or data mart within your organisation (or in the cloud) to help you more easily report on and measure the information currently in one or more systems
  • Integrate our products into your current data warehouse or data mart
  • Training in how to use Power BI at a user level
  • Training in how to use Power BI and configure your data warehouse at BI Administrator / DBA level

One of the benefits of our Business Intelligence tool is that once you have your data warehouse properly setup (this is the step that most organisations get wrong) normal non-technical business users are empowered and finally have access to the information they need in an instant. This gives personnel at every level of your business access to a consistent set of information from key stakeholders and decision-makers to employees.

Find out more about how our Business Intelligence software can open up new doors for your company and provide top to bottom optimisations by contacting us today. We’re ready to help you practice business more intelligently.

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So what benefits will you see from getting Alphatec to help you?

Alphatec will enable you to really understand the data relating to your business so that you can make better decisions on how to work and maximise efficiencies and increase profitability.

You can tailor output to whatever level is required for the end user, from senior management to make strategic business decisions, finance departments to understand costs and risks, and team leaders to understand workflow and resource.

  • Create and publish real-time fully interactive dashboards, graphs, reports, root cause analysis
  • drill down on summary figures to understand the detail and what actually makes up the unexplained peaks, troughs and anomalies to understand why they have occurred
  • plan contingencies and take corrective action.

Integrate with other information sources already in your business to enrich your data further, truly putting you in control.

The advantages of Business Intelligence


Centralise Information

Business Intelligence allows you to centralise information dispersed across different platforms, from both Alphatec products and your exsting systems.

Track Performance

By looking at your Key Performance Indicators over time BI will allow you to identify both long term and short term performance trends.


In addition to the Training that we provide, if you wish Alphatec can implement Business Intelligence into your department or across your whole organisation. We will work with you 100% of the implementation or provide an adjunct to your team to assist them where needed to help you get your Business Intelligence project off the ground or come in and audit any current failings in your existing implementation. Whatever your needs we can help.

Predict and Prepare

By using advanced data mining techniques BI will provide you with the insight to predict future trends so that you can always be prepared.

Analyse & Report

BI enables you to create regular outputs or perform adhoc 'what if' analyses of various scenarios.
Arrange your data and identify outliers and processing anomalies by drilling down through the data to individual row level.


Alphatec can provide a range of training tailored to your needs ranging from BI user/consumer training covering how to build and create your own dashboards and reports, the difference between the two, identification of actionable metrics and the 5 key principles every dashboard should follow and building user confidence through to more advance courses on data warehouse design, implementation of a BI strategy for implementation and adoption.