Health & Safety Control

What is Health & Safety Control?

Health & Safety control is a key part of any business. From construction to laboratories, and even offices, maintaining safety and security in the workplace protects you and your employees. Our leading health and safety risk assessment software uk are designed to aid your H&S managers by integrating health and safety checks into your organisation seamlessly. 

Our health and safety database software ensures you have instant and accurate management information at a departmental, contract and company level, enabling you to highlight trends and sudden changes in the level of incidents. 

Our health and safety risk assessment software UK allows you to analyse and identify root causes and underlying incident patterns resulting in clear visibility and ease of access to all incidents affecting your organisation.

You will be able to see:

  • Immediate incident notification
  • Auto escalation of critical events
  • Regular offenders
  • Regular types of incident
  • Equipment that cause incidents
  • Workflow for incident closure

This data will provide insight to enable Health & Safety, Operations and Human Resources to implement risk-reduction programmes and measure their success so that you can demonstrate proactivity in risk management. Find out more about this incredible system below or contact us for an in-depth demo.


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The advantages of Health & Safety Control

System integration

Integration with existing systems and processes is made easy with in-built automatic integration with e-mail, options for integration with financial payment processors and our API and BI Database give you the ability to easily integrate with any other in-house and external systems - enabling process automation and cost reduction.

Incident Management

Our health and safety claims software is the ideal system for capturing full details of all incidents, allowing root cause analysis and identification of risk areas and where additional training is required. All incidents can be reported using the an electronic first notification form allowing analysis of the individuals involved. The incident can be captured in real-time and allows the qualified Health & Safety Officer to follow up for more detailed information.

Root cause analysis

By recording near misses and incidents on our health and safety risk assessment software UK, you can analyse the management reports and determine the root cause so that remedial action/risk management can be put in place to mitigate risk.

Individual analysis

The management reporting allows you to track incidents by staff member, location, equipment, work types and weather impact. By utilising the system functionality to manage incidents you can see outstanding actions and outgoing emails and responses. This allows management to identify areas where action is required and where follow up is needed.

Detailed reporting

Health & Safety Control provides pre-specified standard reports, bespoke ad-hoc reporting and the facility for truly bespoke reporting and dynamic M.I. all in real time. If you are looking to use / roll out / or already use MS Power BI, as your overarching reporting tool, we also provide a BI Module, that links to this as well.

Electronic Document & Image Management / Storage

There is an optional document and image management module (including e-mail integration) which allows you to attach/upload documents and images to a particular incident, claim or case to ensure all related documents are immediately available and in one place, also working towards a paperless office environment and adding to the ease of working from anywhere without having to move bulky files.

Automated workflows

The in-built workflow engine allows you to automate repetitive tasks bring greater efficiency, saving time all while delivering greater consistency and ensuring nothing is missed.

Ease of Implementation

Health & Safety Control has been designed from the ground up to be both easy to use and easy to implement. We provide both migration tools and a full service implmentation including migration of existing data, documents (including video), correspondence and images. A modern flexible SaaS cloud platform means Health & Safety Control is ready for you now, and designed to allow both the system and automatic workflows to be configured to your needs. Our support team are always on hand to advise and assist - making change management fast, easy and pain-free.

RIDDOR Reporting

However you currently manage your RIDDOR reporting we can incorporate your existing processes into our software so that incident details can be input directly into Health & Safety Control.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Our BI module also allows you to seamlessly integrate the software with your chosen business intelligence tool (e.g. MS Power BI, Qlik, Tableau and more) giving you the ability to create and publish real-time, fully interactive dashboards, reports, root cause analysis etc. resulting in accurate, fast and powerful information at your fingertips.

Vehicle Inspections

Motor Inspections are a legal requirement and without evidence that all your inspections and daily checks are being completed your organisation is vulnerable. Thankfully, this app makes it easy for drivers to carry out their inspections and report any faults - all evidenced with photographs and a complete back end audit trail.


H & S Control is a global solution and has full multi-language capabilities and can be configured to be in whichever language is required for the users location.

Online forms / e-FNOL

Whichever way you currently record the incident, we can incorporate your existing process into our software or help you devise a new one. We can design and brand an FNOL specifically for you or we can work with a form you already use. Whatever you decide to do, the form can be linked to your own intranet/website, so that data can be input directly into H & S Control.