Alphatec’s software supports business continuity

What software issues might you face when trying to continue to operate your business?

When considering disaster recovery planning, the important question is, how do we continue to offer the service we normally do?

There is no getting away with our reliance on software systems, and with any system access, there are so many “What ifs” to consider.

  • What happens if we can’t get to the office?
  • What happens if we have VPN problems?
  • What happens if IT have other priorities and we have an issue?
  • What happens if the data becomes corrupted?

Any system on your own servers or reliant on VPN for access can be complicated when it comes to business continuity.  Often the transition to working in another location may be hampered because some systems require input from the IT team to carry out some tasks, or it could be you have an issue where access to your back-ups is needed.

As has been illustrated during the Covid pandemic, a continuity plan needs to be workable for longer than you think, and unsustainable temporary workarounds need to be replaced by a better solution.

Alphatec’s software provides that better solution

Alphatec’s software is fully hosted, which negates the need for any of your IT or resources to be involved in system provision or back-ups, and there is no impact on your ability to access the system should you be unable to get into the office, or if the office isn’t accessible because of water or fire damage for instance.  This means our customers can access the software from wherever they need to, whenever they need to.  All that is needed is an internet connection, whether that’s at home, in the office or on the move.

A good ‘hosted’ software provider will have built in continuity plans to do everything it needs to remotely.  The systems, backups, servers, and service providers in the whole supply chain will utilise multiple sites / locations, top level security and have controls in place to ensure uninterrupted access can be provided to the end user, no matter what.

You can read a case study detailing how our software supported The Clancy Group with business continuity here, and explore the website to find out more about our products.

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