How can our case management platform help your business?

Managing the life cycle of a case or matter is helped if a case management platform is used.  Sourcing a good software supplier to help you with this is a must for any organisation. But what are the main functions of case or matter management software? Read on to find out more.

What are the main functions of a case management platform?

The key functions you might want a legal matter or case management platform to help you with are:

  • To manage and organise individual cases or matters for your clients
  • To record the time spent on each client, the services that are performed for each client and the expense that your business might incur in relation to each client
  • To manage, organise, consolidate, share, and protect information relating to clients and cases
  • And in some cases, to interface with other software for example, accounting software

A good case management software solution ensures compliance

Having data digitalised on one platform means that data is much better protected, and indeed a recent blog on the law society website cites that keeping on top of compliance is key to remain practicing, and that having the right technology and working with a software partner that is ISO27001 – certified and has Cyber Essentials is crucial.

Knowing you have the right technology in place which allows you to communicate digitally with your clients, while ensuring your data is safe, can provide peace of mind so that you can focus on your organisation and boost productivity.

What does CaseControl do?

  • Matter & case management
  • Bundling
  • Document and image management
  • Document & Field Redaction
  • Email integration
  • Real-time collaborative data sharing
  • Time, expenses, and fees recording
  • Automated workflow and communication
  • Data insight, reporting and business intelligence integration
  • System integration
  • Online forms / e-FNOL

Alphatec’s CaseControl software solution will enable you to better manage processes, information, documents, images, and compliance.  The application provides a platform to organise your data and manage legal cases.  Data is trackable and reporting and business intelligence integration means that insight can be easily derived from your data.

To find out more contact us for a demo.

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